The Girl Wearing Tassel Earrings (Chinese Drama, New)
I was really intrigued by the poster of The Girl Wearing Tassel Earrings…until I watched the preview.

Since epic and melodramatic are the words that came to my mind after I watched the clip I am skipping over this one as well. The production does look pretty good though so for those who are not so averse to melos as me this might be a good one to check out.

Long Time No See (Chinese Drama, New)
This one is a squeal (different actors though) to a popular C-web drama which was based on a popular web novel. I checked out the first episode and while it was a bit confusing at first because I haven’t watched the original web drama but I was able to catch on fast enough. However, after doing some checking around on the novel I realized with disappointment that the story really is not my cup of tea so I won’t be following this one.

Synopsis: Running away after a bitter end to her once dream like romance with the school’s most popular boy, our heroine meets her collage friends again after her self exile in Japan…and promptly throws herself back into the quagmire that sent her running in the first place. Did that sound depressing? Sorry. This one is actually a story about young loves and choices an young adult have to face so it’s not so bad. 

Kari Kare (J-Drama, Just finished)
Sigh…my ship sunk just as I expected.

Beautiful Secret (Chinese Drama)
I am way behind on this one but so far Beautiful Secret is still a really enjoyable watch.

Witch’s Castle (Korean Daily, New)
This is the K-daily I am hoping will become addicting enough to follow. It has been SO long since I have had my K-daily fix so I am really hoping this one won’t disappoint me.

Episode 1-8 First Impression: HERE

Bromance (Taiwanese Drama)
The plot on this one has suffered a bit in the recent weeks but who cares about the story when the chemistry between the two leads are so sizzling. Spazzing over the leads aside though, I am hoping that now the heroine’s secret is going to come out soon (anytime now!) the plot might pick back up.

Oh My Venus (Korean Drama)
Did anyone else sob through most of episode 13 like I did?? My eyes were so swollen afterwards but it was worth it.

Descendants of the Sun (Korean Drama, Should be airing in February)
I don’t usually pay a whole lot of attention on future shows but Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo’s new drama looked so cool that I can’t help myself but do a little blurb on it.

Oldies but Goodies 

Brain (브레인 Korean Drama, 20 episodes, 2011)

Synopsis: A talented neurosurgeon, our hero Lee Kang Hoon vows to leave his poor background behind and focuses only on doing everything to gain more fame and power for himself. In contrast to our hero’s lot in life to fight for everything he ever wanted, Seo Joon Suk (second male lead) is born with money and privilege …exactly the kind of person our hero despises. As always, things gets complicated when our heroine starts to fall in love with Kang Hoon but Joon Suk has been harboring a long time crush on her as well.

I am actually a medical drama fan but just don’t watch a lot of it since it’s hard to find a medical drama that also incorporate enough romance tension to my liking. Brain is probably my very first drama where I took notice of Shin Ha-Kyun as an actor. Shin Ha Kyun’s hero was an all out arrogant and unlikable jerk but he was somehow able to make that particular character so charismatic that you can’t stop falling in love with him.

The story focuses a lot on the hero’s character development and how the mystery of how his father died due to a mistake on a doctor’s part so despite my synopsis don’t expect a super heavy romantic triangle. Still, if memory serves me right I was quite satisfied with the amount of romance in it.

The heroine’s character is played by Choi Jung Won (Witch’s Castle) and I am a bit ashamed to admit that I really only remembered Shin Ha Kyun in Brain…but I do remember liking her character just fine though.