Legend of Condor Hero 2017 (Chinese Drama, New)

For those who are Wuxia fans, Legend of Condor Hero is a classic and one that should be extremely familiar. As you can guess from the show’s title, Legend of Condor Hero has lots of (I believe this one is the tenth one) versions and this one is just the latest remake.

The show has only aired up to episode four and our heroine hasn’t even appeared yet so it’s way too early to tell how this one compares to its predecessors but…

Hu Ge and Ariel Lin’s 2008 version has always been my personal favorite…let’s just say a high bar has been set!

Proud of Love 2 (Chinese Drama, New)
Yeah! Season 2 is out! I didn’t consider Proud of Love season 1 addicting by any means but I thought it was way cute so I am planning to check this one out soon.

Pretty Li Hui Zhen (Chinese Drama)
Boy, I love the sizzling chemistry between Dilraba Dilmurat and Peter Sheng. I didn’t think it was very likely this remake could surpass the Korean original but color me surprised. Pretty Li Hui Zhen might just accomplish what I thought was impossible.

General and I (Chinese Drama)
I have come to like this one a lot…to my shame. The plot is pretty over the top. The acting kinda painful to watch. The director hold way too many scenes extra long so we can all admire the extremely beautiful leads. Since I consider Wallace Chung a fairly solid actor I am selfishly choosing to blame the director for his somewhat lackluster performance in this one. Still, despite the many glaring flaws I find myself strangely following this one anyway. Sigh, maybe I like Wallace Chung even more than I thought.

Uso no Sensou (Japanese Drama, New)

This one is a revenge drama where our scam artist hero seeks to avenge the murder of his whole family by setting up an elaborate scheme to ensnare the powerful villains.
I checked this one out purely because Kusanagi Tsuyoshi and Fujiki Naohito are the male leads. Not surprisingly, both the story and the acting were solid so a good choice if you are in the mood for some intrigue.

Onna Joshu Naotora (Japanese Drama, New) 

Born in the Japanese warring era, our heroine becomes the unlikely female feudal lord when her father dies on the battle field and she as his only child becomes her clan’s only choice as the successor. Armed with her fearless personality and the enduring love of her fiancee, our heroine is determined to keep her clan safe from everything that threatens to destroy them.
I am not really in the mood for a warring historical drama, BUT episode one impressed me so much that I might just have to give this one a few more episodes. You probably can’t tell from the rather stern looking promo poster but episode one actually gave me a fairy tale vibe…albeit more along the Grimm brothers’ bloody version.
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