Chinese Drama: Stay With Me (放弃我,抓紧我)
Total Episodes: 45
Airs: Sunday – Thursday/ 2 episodes, Friday & Saturday/1 episode.
Leads: Joe Chen & Wang Kai
Crazy in love with one another once upon a time, our two leads Li Wei Wei and Chen Yi Du have sadly become fierce enemies who compete with each other at every step of the way. A famous wedding gown designer well known for her “witch” personality, Li Wei Wei no longer dreams of love but instead treat her career AND beating Yi Du as her only goals in life.

Neck to neck with Yi Du’s company in a competition for the precious chance of getting their brand into the European market, Wei Wei resorts to proposing to her partner/best friend Huo Xiao as a publicity stunt. Knowing full well that Wei Wei has no romantic feelings towards him, Yi Du tries to assure our heroine that there is no need to force herself to go through with the wedding, but Wei Wei simply sees their marriage as a logical merger that would save her the hassle of finding a spouse.

Confident that her impromptu wedding and the long planned fashion show right after it will cinch her win over Yi Du, Wei Wei is horrified when her wedding vow is interrupted by the news that her fashion show’s location has suffered a fire. Realizing that there is no way she could win over Yi Du’s company now, a dejected Wei Wei wonders the street of Paris alone only to fall into a river by accident when she was mugged.

Not wanting to admit it but secretly worried about our heroine after she has been in a coma for two months, Yi Du shows up at the care center only to end up catching Wei Wei in his arms when she falls from a tree. Believing Wei Wei must be acting as she angrily yells at him for accidentally kissing her, Yi Du has no clue that the post coma Wei Wei is no longer the same rival he has been feuding with.

Overjoyed at first to see Wei Wei awaken from her coma, Huo Xiao is completely stunned when it becomes apparent that his 30 year old fiancee has not only lost all the memories of the last seven years but believes herself to be a 23 year old young woman. The only consolation for Huo Xiao is that Wei Wei’s amnesia also wiped away all her memories of Yi Du so he is determined to keep Wei Wei as far away from her ex as possible.

Shocked to find out that her 30 year old self has achieved everything she had ever dreamed of as an aspiring young designer, the mentally 23 year old Wei Wei instinctively trusts everything her best friend Huo Xiao tells her – including the fact that Yi Du is their arch enemy. Of course the dramagod is never kind to male second leads, which means our two leads’ paths will cross constantly giving them plenty of chances to fall in love…again.

Ninja’s First Impression:

Cute! The plot is not quite what I expected but I actually like it more! For some reason from the promo I had assumed that after losing her memory the heroine would still remember being in love with the hero and just forget the part about their bitter breakup. With that assumption, I had thought the plot would be more about an amnesia heroine chasing the hero around believing he is still her boyfriend. However, I like the set up of Wei Wei completely forgetting Yi Du even more since this means the our hero will face the interesting situation of being bitter alone and fighting his growing attraction to the 23 year old Wei Wei.

Other than the plot the other thing that surprised me was the silly comedic vibe of the show. Unfortunately not all of the funny parts worked for me but there were some really cleaver silly scenes that amused me.

One of my favorite was probably the scene of Wei Wei dressing up in Joe Chen’s previous role in Swordsman (2013). Those are such obvious fan service scenes that one can’t help but smile.

I don’t know why Wang Ki’s character is a vampire in these scenes…but…why not?

At this point I wouldn’t call this an addicting drama yet but I certainly think the star power of Joe Chen and Wang Kai make Stay With Me simply too irresistible to not follow. It doesn’t hurt either that the two leads’ chemistry is plenty sizzling (not as obvious at first since they are usually fighting when ever they see each other but give it a few more episodes.) I will admit that the amount of the “silly” fantasy scenes are a bit distracting but I figure I will just look at those as funny commercial breaks.

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