Taiwanese Drama: Aim High
Aired: Oct 2014
Total Episodes: 20

Story synopsis: We all have dreams and ideals when we are young, but can you still hold onto those in the real world? The story will follow four best friends as they struggle to hold onto their dreams.

Episode One

Inspired by listening to our hero, Qi Feng’s presentation “Live for something or die for nothing,” our heroine Yi Fen vows to realize her dream of developing an app that will help others to make their dreams come true. With three other girlfriends, Yi Fen thought they would have a chance to win an app competition but due to a careless mistake their chance was lost. The four friends loses contact from blaming each other for the failure of the app competition but Yi Fen still insists on her dream even after their graduation from the university.
Through chance meetings, Yi Fen runs into our hero again, and because of Qi Feng’s encouragement, Yi Fen gathers her courage to enter into another competition even after her roommate conned all her money and tells her to stop dreaming.
In the middle of her presentation, Yi Fen’s three best friends suddenly appears out of nowhere, completely drunk to support her. Of course, instead of helping they ended up pushing Yi Fen right on top of Qi Feng = a kiss. I guess they were helping after all.

Episode 2

Thanks to the drunken night and the willingness of the girls to apologize to one another, our four friends are besties again.

Moved by Yi Fen’s passion for her dream, Qi Feng pulls some strings and gets Yi Fen hired into CAPCOM. It just so happens Yi Fen arrives in time just for CAPCOM to be hit by one of it’s biggest crisis and Qi Feng is at risk of losing his job if he doesn’t solve it.

Through her dogged determination, Yi Fen finds some clues to help Qi Feng solve the crisis. Completely tired out from the all nighter she pulled, Yi Fen dozes off standing up, then falls right on Qi Feng… again.

Our other male lead, Dao Yuan who can’t seem to forget his exgirlfriend Mao Mao finally sees her after a few near missed reunions.


I started watching episode two quite distracted, thinking I could watch this show while doing something else. And for a good first part of this hour, that worked perfectly, but I did end up getting sucked in towards the middle of the hour. Precisely about the time when our two leads start to have some good interaction with one another.

Umm… I don’t mean the two male leads… but I guess that works too. Anyhow, so far this show is not shaping up to be in the “crack drama” category, but I like the easy chemistry the two leads have and while the story is a bit preachy (Chase your dream!!! with that many exclamation too.) but I do find them interesting so far.

Episode 3

Qi Feng meets with an important client who just happens to be the Chairman of a car company and the same client is offended when Qi Feng refuses to test drive the newest model his company built. Not able to get over his fear of driving, Qi Feng decides to hand over the project that is vital to his future dreams to another employee.

Realizing how important the car contract is to Qi Feng, Yi Fen decides to do all she can to help him over come his fear. First, Yi Fen tricks Qi Feng into riding on the back of his bike to simulate the feeling of moving in a car.

Then Yi Fen borrows her friend’s taxi to teach Qi Feng to drive. Qi Feng shows up to tell Yi Fen he has decided against learning to drive, but Yi Fen takes off driving before he has time to get off the car.

Crawling out of Yi Fen’s car on shaking legs … again, Qi Feng finally relents and agrees to Yi Fen’s plea to learn to drive. Doing a happy dance, Yi Fen throws her arm around Qi Feng.

Desperate to meet her sales goal before her trial period for her job ends, Mao Mao sneaks into Yi Fen’s company to try to sell insurance to Qi Feng. Unfortunately, Qi Feng recognizes Mao Mao from the time she drunkenly pushed Yi Fen onto to him (resulting in a kiss) and resolutely sends her away.

Completely embarrassed and dejected, Mao Mao ends up riding in the same elevator as Dao Yuan. Without any idea she is riding in the elevator with her ex since Dao Yuan was carrying boxes that covered his face, Mao Mao starts confiding in Dao Yuan after the elevator all the sudden breaks down.

Bidding each other goodbye, Mao Mao starts to walk out of the elevator when Dao Yuan recognizes her and calls her name. In a panic Mao Mao takes off while Dao Yuan chases after her. Hiding behind a building Mao Mao sobs while Dao Yuan pleas with her to stop hiding because he wants to explain their misunderstanding. Mao Mao ignores Dao Yuan’s plea and stays hiding.


I am sure glad those two finally met. I was getting pretty tired of the near misses. (BTW, that last scene in episode 2 was a fake out. They didn’t meet there.)

The two leads are still pretty cute to watch, despite Yi Fen’s personality of never taking no for an answer… especially if it’s from Qi Feng.
So far this show certainly doesn’t fall in the “crack” drama category for me but it is surprisingly easy to watch and that my friends is not bad at all for a T-drama.
Episode  4

Qi Feng yells at Yi Fen for allowing her friend to show up uninvited in the company to try to sell him insurance. Feeling betrayed, Yi Fen gets into an argument with Mao Mao but Yi Fen ends up feeling guilty when she finds out that Yi Fen is in danger of losing her job.

While teaching Qi Feng how to drive, Yi Fen breaks down in tears over having disappointed Qi Feng and not being a good friend to Mao Mao. Seeing Yi Fen’s tears weighs heavily on Qi Feng. Calling Mao Mao out, Qi Feng asks her to reconcile with Yi Fen because “she is very important to me.”

Nodding with understanding, Mao Mao asks “So, you like our Yi Fen?”
Completely surprised, Yi Fen quickly clarifies that Yi Fen is only important to him in turn of work.

Thanks to Yi Fen’s slip, Dao Yuan finds out Mao Mao and Yi Fen are good friends. Through Yi Fen’s help, Dao Yuan tracks Mao Mao down. Dao Fan obviously still loves Mao Mao and wants them to get back together, but Mao Mao tells him “we have both changed…it’s too late.”

Hmm… I am not sure I like how desperate Dao Yuan is coming across. And did they really break up because Dao Yuan didn’t call Mao Mao for a week? The way Mao Mao is acting I thought for sure it was something much bigger ie. she thought he cheated on him or something like that.

Episode 5

The long awaited reunion between Mao Mao and Dao Yuan ends with Mao Mao telling Dao Yuan that she likes Qi Feng and she is past the age to start a relationship with a man who is not successful.

Mao Mao’s three friends rallies around her to cheer her up, and also breath a sign of relief that Mao Mao didn’t find out about Yi Fen leaking her information to Dao Yuan.

The next morning at the company Yi Fen comforts Dao Yuan. Qi Feng sees the intimate gesture between the two and is bothered by the sight.

Dao Yuan goes out to deliver flyers in hopes to help Mao Mao reach her insurance sales’ goal, but ends getting caught in the pouring rain and having a motorbike accident.

Not being able to watch his best friend suffer, Qi Feng goes to Mao Mao and buys insurance from her in order to help her achieve her sales’ goal thus preventing her from getting fired.

Qi Feng tells Mao Mao about all Dao Yuan has done for her and she goes to the hospital to visit Dao Yuan. During the visit, there was a few seconds when Mao Mao and Dao Yuan seems to go back to the happy times they used to share but soon Mao Mao reiterates that she is only interested in successful man… meaning Qi Feng.

Meanwhile, Qi Feng is having his first driving lesson with Yi Feng. Driving slower than an elderly woman’s walking speed, Qi Feng nevertheless is overcoming his fear. While Qi Feng is happy with his progress, Yi Fen stews over Dao Yuan’s unrequited love with Mao Mao.
Preoccupied with the question of “How do you know when you like someone?”, Yi Fen keeps pressing Qi Feng for his advice. Completed unnerved by Yi Fen’s close proximity to him, Qi Feng’s heart starts to beat so wildly that his heart monitor starts to beep it’s warning.
That night back at home with his brother discussing the symptoms of falling in love, Qi Feng slowly realizes he is exhibiting all the symptoms with Yi Fen.
So fun! I love that whole scene where Qi Feng can’t control his heart beat when Yi Fen was too close to him. It was surprising though that Qi Feng finds out about his feelings towards Yi Fen so early in the story,   I thought for sure it will take at least another couple episodes.
I am a bit annoyed at Mao Mao for going around saying she likes Qi Feng when she knows he hasn’t shown any interest in her. Since Mao Mao hasn’t put any moves on Qi Feng though, I wonder if she really is just saying it to get Dao Yuan to give up on her.

Episode 6

Thanks to his brother’s questions, Qi Feng finally realizes he likes Yi Fen but due to several misunderstandings Qi Feng thinks Yi Fen likes his friend Dao Yuan. Qi Feng tells Dao Yuan they will each try their hardest to win Yi Fen’s heart, except Dao Yuan thinks Qi Feng is talking about Mao Mao the whole time.

While Qi Feng is trying to wrap his head around on how to pursue Yi Fen, the girl of his dream is being ostracized by her co-workers thanks to Qi Feng’svattention. Worried about being misunderstood by her co-worker, Yi Fen tries to distance herself from Qi Feng which only increases his misunderstanding.

Without Mao Mao knowing, Dao Yuan makes a bunch of mini “egg” fruit pies with her friends to celebrate Mao Mao’s birthday. (The fruit pies are in plastic eggs.)

Excited to surprise Mao Mao with his pies, Dao Yuan sets up a birthday celebration picnic with her friends. Not expecting Dao Yuan to show up at her birthday party, Mao Mao invites Qi Feng to her party. Qi Feng agrees to go to Mao Mao’s party once he realizes Yi Fen would be there as well. And… this is not going to end well…


What a mess! This was an episode almost devoted entirely to one misunderstanding after another. While it was kind of fun to watch Qi Feng struggle with his new found feelings and completely misplaced jealousy I really hope they won’t drag the whole thing out for too much longer.

The preview for next week does give me hope since it looks Mao Mao will finally confess to Dao Yuan that she lied about liking Qi Feng.

Episode 7

With both Qi Feng and Dao Yuan present at Mao Mao’s party, the tension is high especially when Mao Mao tries to use subtle physical contact and words to emphasis to Dao Yuan that Qi Feng is the one she likes.

Quick on the up take, Qi Feng picks up the clues that he might be the “ideal mate” in Mao Mao’s speech and confronts Yi Fen with his suspicion. Not one to ever hold out under interrogation, Yi Fen confirms Qi Feng’s guess.

After the party ended, Mao Mao circles back to the picnic area to find the plastic egg present Dao Yuan made for her after realizing it has gone missing. Mao Mao finds Qi Feng waiting right at the picnic area for her with the egg in hand. Qi Feng tells Mao Mao that by coming back for the egg, it shows that she obviously still has feelings for Dao Yuan and that there is no reason for his friendship with Dao Yuan to be the sacrificial lamb for her lies.

Unable to fess up the truth, Mao Mao drags her feet to tell Dao Yuan the truth until she finds herself on a date with Qi Feng thanks to Dao Yuan’s matchmaking. Completely confused why Mao Mao would be angry with him for sending her on a dream date with the guy she likes, Dao Yuan is stunned to hear Mao Mao tells him “I don’t like him. I don’t like Yu Qi Feng. I lied okay!”

Dao Yuan “Why would you lie to me?”
Mao Mao “Because I don’t want to be with you. I just don’t want to!”
OUCH! Time to move on boy’o. 

Time for our other two leads. Thanks to “special attention” from Qi Feng, Yi Fen is being ostracized by her co-workers. By chance, Yi Fen sees a series of texts on one of her co-worker’s phone making fun of her and apparently her co-workers has even organized a group call Fox Xu Yi Fen Go Kill Yourself. (Fox in this context refers to women who seduces men.)

Bothered by all the gossip and animosity towards her, Yi Fen tries to distance herself from Qi Feng even more and decides to push Qi Feng to get his driver’s test soon.

On the day of the driving test as Yi Fen is driving Qi Feng to take his test, they decide to buy a bunch of car air freshener from a lady just to be nice. Unfortunately, the air freshener contains an ingredient that Yi Fen is severely allergic to and she starts having breathing difficulty.

With her eyes dazed, Yi Fen stares at Qi Feng who starts to lean in for a kiss… until Yi Fen passes out right on his shoulder. Realizing finally that Yi Fen is having an allergic reaction, Qi Feng quickly gets in the driver seat to take Yi Fen to the hospital. Then it hit Qi Feng what he is about to do… Driving! Shaking a bit, Qi Feng yells at himself “You can do this! You can do this!”


What a dork. I can’t believe Qi Feng was having all those romantic feelings while Yi Fen was about to pass out.

I bet Qi Feng needs get his game on soon though. In this episode, Yi Fen enrolled herself into a boxing class with the same guy who helped her catch a purse thief in episode 6 so I am guessing the boxing teacher will become Qi Feng’s serious competitor for Yi Fen’s affection.
As far as Dao Yuan and Mao Mao go… I am just confused. Instead of ooh and ahhs over how in love with Mao Mao Dao Yuan is I just want to tell him “Move ON!” With Mao Mao, I really don’t understand what her reasoning for refusing Dao Yuan is. Does she want someone rich? But she doesn’t seems to believe in relying on men either? So is she still angry at him for the fight they had years before? That seems kinda long to hold a grudge especially since the guy has been searching for you all this time.
Episode 8

Without any other option but to get into the driver seat himself to get Yi Fen to the hospital, Qi Feng can only face his fear right on.

Luckily, Qi Feng was able to get Yi Fen to the hospital with one tiny small accident (the car hit the fire hydrant) and Yi Fen was able to safely recover.

Thanks to the opportunity to talk alone in the hospital, Yi Fen admits to Qi Feng that she has been distancing herself from him due to all the negative rumor her co-worker are spreading about her.

Thanks to her talk with Qi Feng, when Yi Fen is faced with her co-workers’ sarcastic remarks again, she bravely calls them right out for picking on her despite her hard work and her effort to get along with them.

Stunned to hear from Mao Mao that she has been lying to him about liking Qi Feng, Dao Yuan follows Mao Mao home to clarify things with her. After hours of dodging Dao Yuan, Mao Mao finally admits that the pain of losing him last time was too much so she has decided to hide behind cold logic (referring to her goal of only dating those with good financial background) to push Dao Yuan away.

Ready for the sad part? Ming Xian’s auntie who has been a mother figure to the four girls accidentally falls to her death in her attempt to save a kitty from a ledge. Her auntie’s death is a big blow to the usual upbeat Ming Xian.

However, thanks to her friends’ support and a painting of auntie from Pin Yao (Qi Feng’s brother) Ming Xian is able to cheer up and vows to continue operating her aunt’s hostel. Is it just me or does that painting totally look like a painting of a man with mustache? 

Thanks to Mao Mao, we do end this hour on a happy note. In front of everyone, Mao Mao tells Dao Yuan that she is ready to give their relationship another chance. Overwhelmed with joy, Dao Yuan high fives everyone.


Well… Auntie’s death certainly caught me by surprise, didn’t see that one coming at all.

I was happy to see Yi Fen solved the whole problem with her co-worker by herself. I was worried they would keep dragging that whole issue out since it was plenty tiresome last episode.

Now that Mao Mao has agreed to start over with Dao Yuan, I am looking forward to their chemistry as a couple.

Episode 9

To prepare for Qi Feng’s driving test, Yi Fen takes him to a local amusement park to drive bumper cars together. Unfortunately, Qi Feng and Yi Fen ends up getting hurt when some young men start to pick on them and ram into them with their cars. Despite suffering a concussion, Qi Feng still insists on piggybacking Yi Fen due to her leg injury.

After all the set backs, Qi Feng finally passes his driving test and obtains his driver licence.

Thanks to his brother’s urging, Qi Feng makes a video of himself explaining programming to Yi Fen that ended with a confession from him. Qi Feng loses the thumb drive that contains the video in Ming Xian’s taxi. Ming Xian, not knowing it belongs to Qi Feng, gives the thumb drive to Yi Fen when she sees that it has the words “For Yi Fen” on it.

Realizing the worst case scenario, Yi Fen’s thumb drive is accidentally picked up by one of her co-worker during the company Christmas party and Qi Feng’s confession is about to be played for all to see. Once Yi Fen realizes the thumb drive was from Qi Feng and it looks like he is about to confess his feelings, she quickly yanks the thumb drive out and makes the excuse that Qi Feng is only doing her a favor by making some tutorial videos for her.

Now that his biggest fear is realized, Qi Feng is actually calm now and is ready to see how Yi Fen will respond to what she saw. Completely stunned and flustered, Yi Fen can only excuse herself from Qi Feng’s presence and tries to breath through her pounding heart.

To boost the business at the hostel, the girls decide to host a Christmas eve girls’ only party. Always ready to help, Pin Yao shows up as the half naked Santa to dispense candy to the single ladies.

At the party, Qi Feng meets Yi Fen’s boxing hottie and under five seconds flat the two men realizes they both like the same girl.

While her friends are having a Christmas party Mao Mao goes to a church service with Dao Yuan. The date is going great until Dao Yuan tells his mom that he and Mao Mao are just friends right in front of Mao Mao.

Angry that instead of a confession of love, she got handed the friend card, Mao Mao walks home in a stoic silence. Clueless of the great offense he has done, Dao Yuan innocently walks Mao Mao home and ends the date with nary a kiss or confession in sight.
I am actually not sure what confession Mao Mao and her friends are hoping for. I thought that was all Dao Yuan did for the last three episodes? 

After a shower, Mao Mao’s mood doesn’t improve when she receives multiple phone calls from her friends eager to know how Dao Yuan’s confession went.

When the door bell rings, Mao Mao yanks the door open thinking it was her mom only to find Dao Yuan standing right there… swallowing hard in front of a freshly showered Mao Mao in her rob.
Whew, is getting hot in here. 


I totally understand why Mao Mao was mad at Dao Yuan for saying they are just friends. I thought they are dating?? Oh, wait, I guess Mao Mao did say she was willing to give two of them another chance in EP 8 so maybe that doesn’t mean they are officially a couple yet?

Thank heaven Yi Fen is finally catching on about Qi Feng’s feelings. The guy really can’t be anymore obvious. However, the boxing hottie doesn’t look too bad either, especially if you apparently live in a small island that is filled to the brim with jerks. It makes me laugh how convenient and frequent the local blockheads showed up this hour.

Episode 10

Dao Yuan tries to surprise Mao Mao with some movie tickets for her, but Mao Mao is still angry at him for telling his mom that they are just friends.

Dao Yuan laughs once he finally figures out the reason why Mao Mao is angry and is quick to assure her that he just didn’t want to make any assumption. Using the date as a promise, Dao Yuan tells Mao Mao that they will officially become a couple once they watched the movie.

Unfortunately, on the day of date, Dao Yuan ended up being called away at the last minute for a work crisis and Mao Mao is left waiting for him.

When Dao Yuan finally rushes to the movie theater, he finds a fuming Mao Mao who is too angry to be pacified after waiting for five hours.

Once Dao Yuan sees that his pleading and begging are not working with Mao Mao at all, he decides to just kiss the girl until she melts… and it worked. Ha, when in doubt just go with kissing. 

Showing off their sweet glowing love to her friends, Mao Mao announces her new relationship. While Dao Yuan and Mao Mao are happily dating and immersed in their happiness, Mao Mao’s mother is not happy at all with Dao Yuan at all, knowing he is only a team leader at his company.

Seeing how happy Mao Mao is with Dao Yuan, Ming Xian is strangely sullen. Pin Yao shows up at Ming Xian’s house to find her depressed.

Odd… are they hinting Ming Xian likes Dao Yuan? That would be something that came out of no where. I can’t remember Ming Xian having much interaction with Dao Yuan at all, plus she would’ve known right off the bat that he is in love with her friend. 

Qi Feng and Yi Fen’s boxing hottie realize they both like the same girl and soon the competition is fierce between the two guys. Yi Fen, true to her clueless nature, seems completely confused as to why the two boys insist on competing at every turn.

Boxing hottie aside, Qi Feng’s prograss with Yi Fen is actually going rather well. Watching the special programming lesson Qi Feng filmed for her, Yi Fen can’t help but grin with happiness.


The whole thing with Ming Xian is kinda surprising. I am really hoping Dao Yuan is not the one she likes because they would be just too weird.

I am liking Qi Feng’s new found confidence when it comes to Yi Fen and find their interaction quite cute.

Episode 11

While out on her morning run, Yi Fen meets her boxing coach who is obviously trying to gain some brownie points with her. However, Qi Feng wins the day when he shows up to tell Yi Fen the good news that her app won a Japanese competition because he secretly entered her.

Mao Mao and Dao Yuan are completely immersed in their la la land of happiness while Ming Xian falls deeper into her depression.

Pin Yao confronts Ming Xian with the question if she likes Dao Yuan and she tells him the truth that the one she likes is actually Mao Mao. Undeterred, Pin Yao just swears that one day Ming Xian’s heart will be moved by him.
Didn’t see that one coming at all until like 10 secs before Ming Xian said it, but I guess it actually makes a whole lot more sense. 

To celebrate the new year’s eve together, everyone gathers at Min Xian’s place. In contrast to everyone’s smiling faces, Ming Xian drowns herself with alcohol and is soon acting out her frustration. Knowing full well why Ming Xian is acting the way she is, Pin Yao quickly drags her away and puts her to bed.

With tears falling fast, Ming Xian confesses to Pin Yao her frustration of being too scared to share how she truly feels with her friends. Wordlessly, Pin Yao sits with Ming Xian while she cries.

Using the new year celebration as the perfect opportunity to confess his feelings, Qi Feng takes Yi Fen to the beach to watch the sunrise together. Before Qi Feng can confess though, Yi Fen drops two bombs on him. 1. Yi Fen confesses that she likes Qi Feng. 2. She has just been invited to Japan for two years because of her app.

Not knowing how to choose between Qi Feng and an opportunity to realize her dream, Yi Fen asks Qi Feng for advise.

Instead of asking Yi Fen to stay, Qi Feng with a forced smile tells her to go.
Yi Fen “You are fine with me going?”
Qi Feng, smiling even more brightly “Yes, I am fine with it.”

With those rather final words, Qi Feng ends the date and starts walking back with a very disappointed Yi Fen following him.

Believing that Qi Feng didn’t like her all that much after all, Yi Fen decides to leave for Japan. We end the hour with Yi Fen’s friends saying good bye to her at the airport while Qi Feng finally snaps out of his silly self sacrificing mood and race towards the airport.

Time jump anyone?? Or will Qi Feng catch Yi Fen after all? It seems kinda weird if we do a time jump since there seems to be quite a bit of story line involving the other girls that is not ready for a time jump, but I also have a hard time seeing Qi Feng not letting Yi Fen go and realize her dream. Hmm… I got nothing.

Mao Mao and Dao Yuan is really cute in this episode. I like their individual character a whole lot more when they are a couple than when they were not.

Here is a snippet of a fun interview done with the actresses that plays Mao Mao. When asked about the many intimate couple interaction the two have, Mao Mao answers “These kind of scene is kinda hard on Dao Yuan because he has to figure out a lot of small details to enhance the scene.”

According to Mao Mao, she often tells Dao Yuan that they can’t lose to K-drama when it comes to the intimate scenes. Mao Mao also jokes that Dao Yuan probably just copies from his past experiences. Mao Mao does wonders why the director seems to keep adding romantic scenes for her and Dao Yuan. The director answers “Because you guys gets into the moment so much, it just looks good on camera.”   They actually do look extremely natural in those scenes. 

Episode 12

While waiting at the airport, Yi Fen notices a computer file from Qi Feng that she didn’t see before. Yi Fen is moved to tears after she watches Qi Feng’s confession recording.

Qi Feng rushes to the airport only to be told that the plane has already taken off. Before Qi Feng can get too depressed though, Yi Fen shows up behind him.

Overjoyed to see Yi Fen, Qi Feng rushes over and pulls her close. Pouring out his heart, Qi Feng tells Yi Fen that he can’t let her leave without letting her know his true feelings. Yi Fen assures Qi Feng that she is no longer leaving but has decided to stay and realize her dream with him.

Despite the happy reunion, Qi Feng doesn’t quite get his heart’s desire yet though. Unwilling to let him off the hook so easy after Qi Feng made her suffer so much after her confession, Yi Fen is still taking time to observe Qi Feng before she becomes his girlfriend.

Dao Yuan’s expectant promotion falls through when his boss all the sudden pulls someone completely unexpected from overseas. Qi Feng tries to change the Chairman’s mind, but it’s obvious the Chairman only cares about the bottom line instead of his own employees.

Already self conscious about his inability to make the kind of money Mao Mao’s mothers desires, Dao Yuan is even more worried about how his failed promotion will disappoint Mao Mao. Fortunately, Mao Mao just laughs and assures Dao Yuan that she is not so shallow as to base her love on money.

Pulling together, Qi Feng, Yi Fen and Dao Yuan works to make Yi Fen’s app become a reality. Using Yi Fen’s friend, Hao Mei as their role model. Yi Fen is able to see her Dream Life App come true.

On top of Dao Yuan’s increasing difficulty with his work life, his personal life is about to get messy as well.

Dao Yuan meets a panhandler who believes to survive in life one has to steal and lie. Without knowing that he is giving money to his very own father, Dao Yuan tries to convince the man to do some honest work, but his advise obviously fell on deaf ears because Daddy Ren just steals money from none other than Mao Mao that night.

Mao Mao and her friends rushes to the police station when they hears the thief has been caught. Mao Mao is stunned to see Dao Yuan’s mom and finds out that Mama Ren has been hiding the truth about her husband from Dao Yuan.

Dao Yuan arrives just in time to hear his mom’s revelations and realizes the truth.

Looks like there are going to be some tough times ahead for Dao Yuan and Mao Mao. I guess it will be time to show if they have learned from their past mistake and is ready to stick together no matter what comes their way.

ps. I totally thought they were going to do a time jump, but good thing I was wrong!

Episode 13

Already unsatisfied with Dao Yuan as her daughter’s boyfriend, Mao Mao mom throws a fit right in the police station when she finds out who Dao Yuan’s dad is. Ironically, Mao Mao’s mom herself is in heaps of trouble over a large sum of gambling debt.

Comforting Dao Yuan, Mao Mao tells him that the one thing we don’t have a choice is who our parents are.

Dao Yuan gets all pumped up when he gets a call for a job interview. Unfortunately, the job interview turns out to be just some jerk’s way to jeer at Dao Yuan for his unwillingness to bend his moral for company profits. (That’s why Dao Yuan left his company) The interviewer further assures Dao Yuan that no company will hire him now. Undaunted, Dao Yuan replies that he doesn’t regret his decision to follow his moral compass.

In contrast to Dao Yuan’s dismal career outlook, Mao Mao has impressed her new boss and is even publicly praised in front of the whole company. However, danger is on the horizon for our couple since Mao Mao seems to have impressed her new boss in more ways than just her work ability.

Not giving up even after he knows who Ming Xian likes, Pin Yao decides to volunteer himself as her resident bodyguard now that the girls feels unsafe thanks to Dao Yuan’s dad. Ming Xian reluctantly agrees but forbids Pin Yao from baring his body in the her house. Of course that’s exactly what happens when Ming Xian accidentally opens the bathroom door when Pin Yao is getting ready for a shower. I know this doesn’t sound like me… but I really wish they would stop showing off Pin Yao’s body… it’s starting to get kinda weird. 

On Qi Feng’s front, the poor guy is still trying really hard to get Yi Fen to agree to be his girlfriend. Qi Feng even tries to sneak his “Will you be my girlfriend” question in when he catches Yi Fen talking in her sleep.

After Dao Yuan’s departure, Qi Feng’s difference in his work philosophy with his boss’s becomes even more apparent. Being reminded once again by Yi Fen of his own belief that “It’s better to die for something than live for nothing,” Qi Feng decides to declare his resignation on the party that his boss held for his promotion.


Hmm… kinda weird for Qi Feng to save his resignation announcement until the party… that seems a sure way to really tick off your soon to be ex-boss.

I am really not looking forward to the story line that is coming up with Mao Mao’s boss but I guess it’s a necessary one for Dao Yuan to overcome his fear of not deserving of Mao Mao.

Episode 14

Not surprisingly, Qi Feng’s boss doesn’t respond well to his sudden public announcement of resignation. Cue Jerry Maguire moment. Yi Fen raises her hand when Qi Feng’s boss asks “Who else is going to make the dumb move of leaving?”

Qi Feng chides Yi Fen for making such a rash decision, but Yi Fen just replies that she can’t possibly let her boyfriend chases after his dream by himself.

Overjoyed to hear he has finally been promoted to the boyfriend status, Qi Feng holds Yi Fen’s hand as they walk with big smiles on their faces.

Ready to tackle their dream head on, Qi Feng and Yi Feng go shopping for their office furniture … and ends up kissing.

Unfortunately, Yi Fen’s parents doesn’t quite share the love birds’ optimism about their business endeavor. Instead of being offended by Mama and Daddy Xu’s doubt of his ability to take care of their daughter, Qi Feng just tries to win them over with his sincerity.

After several disappointing job interviews, Dao Yuan finally receives a big break when an interviewer tells him that his guts to stick to his moral compass is exactly what they are looking for.

I love that the jerky guy who laughed at Dao Yuan’s moral was also there to see Dao Yuan being picked over him. 

In contrast to Dao Yuan’s happy day, Mao Mao’s is going terribly when her mother’s debtor shows up to force Mao Mao to sign an agreement to pay a large sum every month. Mao Mao’s boss hears the whole exchange between Mao Mao and her mom’s debtor and frowns when he hears the lady suggesting that Mao Mao could work at her night club to earn more money.

Dao Yuan shows up just in time to see Mao Mao’s boss comforting his crying girlfriend. Unwilling to let Dao Yuan know about her mother’s debt, Mao Mao tells him that she is crying because of an angry client.

Under the pressure to come up with an impossible amount of money to repay her mother’s debt every month, Mao Mao sees no choice but to push herself at work.

In her hurry to make more money, Mao Mao faints while waiting for an unreasonable client in the rain. After taking Mao Mao to the hospital and telling Dao Yuan to come, Mao Mao’s boss shows up at Mao Mao’s house and tells her mother “Let me pay your debt for you.”


I know Dao Yuan is the one for Mao Mao, but I have got to admit that her boss is not looking too shabby either.

While I understand Mao Mao’s reasoning for not telling Dao Yuan about her debt… but her trust issue is obviously one they have to overcome or else they will just break up again.

Episode 15

Mao Mao’s mom calls Dao Yuan out and tells him the truth about her enormous debt. Recounting how Mao Mao’s boss, Ji Shao Yuan paid off all her debt, Mama Guo asks Dao Yuan to leave Mao Mao for her own good.

Dao Yuan rushes to another city to pick up Mao Mao from a business gathering only to see Shao Yuan touching his girlfriend’s face. Infuriated, especially after Mao Mao’s mother’s words, Dao Yuan puches Shao Yuan and takes Mao Mao away.

Shao Yuan runs into Dao Yuan in front of his company and takes the opportunity to try to ease Dao Yuan’s misunderstanding towards him. However, Dao Yuan’s mind is hardly eased when he asks Shao Yuan “Do you like Mao Mao?” and after a pause, he replies “I would pursue her if she didn’t have a boyfriend already.” Gotta give the guy for replying honestly though. 

Things are going great between Qi Feng and Yi Fen who really is surprisingly ready for kisses anywhere and anytime.

Under pretense, Chairman Yu introduces himself as a concerned father who wants Aim High (Qi Feng’s new company) to develop a gardening app for his son. Once Qi Feng realizes that the customer is his very own father, he refuses to accept the work no matter how much Yi Fen and Pin Yao pleas with him.

Worried about Qi Feng and his father’s relationship, Pin Yao has lost his usual energy. When Pin Yao asks Min Xian what she would do if he suddenly disappears, she feels strangely unsettled by the idea. By accident, Pin Yao ends up falling on top of Ming Xian, resulting in a kiss. Embarrassed, Ming Xian runs away but surprisingly she doesn’t seem to mind the kiss as one would guess.


Man, Shao Yuan is starting to looking better and better. If it wasn’t for the fact that Mao Mao seems to only have eyes for Dao Yuan, I might jump ship.

Episode 16

After watching Mao Mao having to fight off the grabby hands of her debt collectors, Dao Yuan finally breaks down and breaks up with Mao Mao in order to send her to someone that has the ability to protect her. Cryiny, Mao Mao refuses to break up, but gritting his teeth, Dao Yuan wraps his scarf around Mao Mao to keep her warm and walks away from her.

Despite being separated, Mao Mao and Dao Yuan are still hurting from not being together. In her depressed state, Mao Mao dreams that Dao Yuan comes back for her and proposes to her in a church, but Mao Mao’s mom and the debt collectors all show up to force them apart.

Not faring much better than Mao Mao, Dao Yuan can only watch silently when he sees Mao Mao and her boss walking away together.

Seeing how down Dao Yuan is, Qi Feng cheers him up with a speech about not letting go one’s dream. Overhearing Dao Yuan and Qi Feng’s conversation, a man walks up to them and adds to their conversation. (Awkward!)

Turns out, the man in the bar is actually Dao Yuan’s boss, Chairman Liang who decides to put Dao Yuan as the man in charge to invest in Qi Feng’s company.

Feeling decidedly empty without Pin Yao around, Ming Xian can hardly control her happiness when a totally changed Pin Yao shows up at her door. Unfortunately, due to his new post at his father’s company, Pin Yao can’t move back to Ming Xian’s place.

After packing a lunch box, Ming Xian shows up at Pin Yao’s company just in time to see a woman greeting Pin Yao in an intimate manner. Angered by the scene, Ming Xian charges right over to whack Pin Yao with her lunch box bag. Completely stunned, the woman with Pin Yao asks “Miss, who are you? Why are you hitting my son?”

Realizing she has made a huge mistake, Ming Xian apologizes to Mama Yu (Pin Yao’s mom), who gracefully forgives her and even urges Ming Xian to accept her son. Reluctantly, between Pin Yao and Mama Yu’s urging, Ming Xian admits that she also likes Pin Yao and is willing to accept him now.


Who would have thought Ming Xian’s story line with Pin Yao would turn out so cute?! I was kinda losing my patience with this show… but this episode has piqued my interest again.

Episode 17

Ready for some plot convenience? Dao Yuan’s company decides to invest in Qi Feng’s company and also pulls Mao Mao’s company in to help with the Dream Life app as well. Despite being reluctant to work with Dao Yuan, Mao Mao still puts on her professional face after her boss persuades her to.

Mao Mao’s boss, Ji Shao overhears Mao Mao comforting a co-worker who would like to get back together with her ex-boyfriend. During the conversation, Mao Mao admits that she still has feelings for Dao Yuan.

Thanks to some “help” from Qi Feng, Dao Yuan and Mao Mao ends up spending the night in the same room on a dairy farm while they are out doing some field research. Mao Mao confesses to Dao Yuan that she still secretly hope that they could get back together, but Dao Yuan doesn’t answer her. In a voice over, we hear that Dao Yuan vows that Mao Mao will be the only girl for him, but that doesn’t seems to change his mind about letting Mao Mao go.

At Ji Shao’s inquiry on how things are going with Dao Yuan, Mao Mao reveals that not only have they broke up but she is done with a man who won’t stick by her. Hopeful after hearing Mao Mao’s words, Ji Shao confesses his own feelings to her, but Mao Mao just tells him that she would like their relationship to remain professional. With a slightly sad smile, Ji Shao admits that he already guessed what Mao Mao’s answer would be.

Pin Yao invites Ming Xian to a company press conference and uses the very public setting to ask her to accept him. Embarrassed, Ming Xian runs away and chews Pin Yao out for the way he did his confession.

Undaunted, Pin Yao tries once more, but just when it seems like Ming Xian is about to accept his rose the reporters interrupt them again.

Running away together this time, Pin Yao tries to kiss Ming Xian. In a gesture very much reminiscent of what Yi Fen did to Qi Feng, Ming Xian stops Pin Yao and tells him “Not yet!” So while the boy didn’t quite get to kiss the girl… yet, but they do walk away hand in hand.

Apparently the writer finally took pity on Hao Mei, and she is not so subtly set up with Yi Fen’s boxing coach.


While I am pretty sure Dao Yuan will still end up getting back with Mao Mao, but I think he will have to gravel a whole lot harder than he did last time to get Mao Mao back. In fact, if I was Mao Mao’s friend I am pretty sure I wold encourage her to just completely move on. For such a proud girl, Mao Mao all but threw away her self respect when she asked Dao Yuan to get back together, but now that Dao Yuan has refused her pleading I am not sure her pride would let her ever accept him again. Of course, I am sure the writer will find a way somehow, but Dao Yuan better prepare to beg hard!

Episode 18

Other than Mao Mao, the three other girl’s romantic life is progressing nicely with Hao Mei and Yi Fen’s boxing teacher looking quite promising.

Using the opportunity when Ming Xian is helping him choose a present for his mom, Pin Yao does a impromptu proposal which obviously wasn’t successful. Unfortunately, Pin Yao’s joking proposal ends up on the news sending hoards of reporter to Ming Xian’s home with offensive questions that all pegs Ming Xian as a money digger. In the middle of the chaos, Pin Yao shows up to lead all the reporter on a grand tour of his romance with Ming Xiao and convinces everyone of sincerity of their relationship.

Still trying to get Dao Yuan and Mao Mao together, Qi Feng ends up arrange a chance work meeting that ends up landing all of them in a cooking competition. Dao Yuan and Mao Mao wins the competition and the 10,000 N.T prize.

Mao Mao finds out about Shao Yuan (her boss) being the one that paid off her mother’s debt and soon figures out that Dao Yuan’s reason for breaking up with her.
Mao Mao angrily tells Dao Yuan “Did you know that all the hurt from the debt cannot be compare to the hopeless desperation you gave me by breaking up with me?!” Unwilling to hear another word from Dao Yuan, Mao Mao leaves with Shao Yuan.

Shao Yuan tells Mao Mao that one of the big reason he helped her was because years ago one of his really good worker died from exhaustion trying to repay his own family debt and the last thing Shao Yuan wants to see is for Mao Mao to end up like his co-worker.

In a surprising move, Dao Yuan’s boss makes him the president of his company while he is off worrying about expansion to other countries. Excited by Dao Yuan’s promotion, Yi Fen jumps the gun and suggests this is the perfect chance for Mao Mao to get back together with Dao Yuan. Mao Mao makes a stunning announcement that she is already dating Shao Yuan. Dao Yuan calls Mao Mao bluffing, but Mao Mao insists that she is much happier dating Shao Yuan than being hung up over someone that would just hurt her.

Over drinks with Qi Feng and Yi Feng, Dao Yuan makes his own announcement that he has decided to pursue Mao Mao again.

Episode 19

So this is an episode where EVERYONE gets their girl except Dao Yuan. Pin Yao’s persistence finally pays off and Ming Xian rewards him with the long awaited kiss.

However, Pin Yao’s romance hits a snag when his own brother secretly dials Ming Xian’s phone while Pin Yao is mouthing off about how every girl he dates is his first love…

Things are going really well for Hao Mei and Yi Fen’s boxing coach. There was a small moment when Hao Mei mistakenly thought the couch brought a cake for Yi Fen, but the cake turns out to be for her. I wish they didn’t rush this couple so much. It really kinda feel like “well, I am lonely and so are you, let’s be a couple.” 

Determined to help Dao Yuan to get Mao Mao back, everyone pulls together and tricks Mao Mao into going on a bungee jumping trip. With every person paired up, Mao Mao is left without a bungee jumping partner until Dao Yuan shows up to surprise her. After their trip over the bridge, Dao Yuan confesses to Mao Mao about his desire to get back togheter, but Mao Mao is not moved.

Undaunted, Yi Fen tricks Mao Mao again into going on a ferris wheel together with Dao Yuan. Unfortunately, Mao Mao still refuses to forgive Dao Yuan no matter what romantic gesture he pulls.

On the day when Yi Fen and Qi Feng’s app is suppose to unveil in front of the press, Mao Mao ends up having to make an emergency trip to an author’s house to apologize for a mistake she made while putting his information on the app. Worried about how to pacify the angry author, Mao Mao breath a sigh of relief when she arrives just to see Dau Yuan and the author smiling together.

Due to the torrent of rain, Mao Mao falls of a steep hill side despite Dao Yuan’s effort to hold onto her. Struggling in the stormy night with an unconscious Mao Mao on his back, Dao Yuan mutters “I can’t hold on much longer…”

Episode 20

Mao Mao wakes up in the hospital to hear that Dao Yuan has been unwilling to rest to keep a watch over her. Dao Yuan uses the opportunity to ask Mao Mao to forgive him again… but fails again.

Qi Feng takes the stage to do what he does best – inspiring the young people to pursue their dream by using their newly developed app. Qi Feng’s old boss shows up suddenly to ridicule Qi Feng’s words as unrealistic and leading the young people to a path of unavoidable broken dreams in the face of the materialistic world. Qi Feng challenges his boss to answer what his own dreams are and when his boss brazenly tells everyone that only money matters, the audience jeers at him until he leaves.

A lonely Mao Mao remarks that watching all her friends happily in love is making her feel like a failure. Gathering around Mao Mao, her friends assure her that they will always be with her. Deciding that Mao Mao needs so girl time, the three girls take Mao Mao to see a stage show together.

Not surprisingly, the “girl outing” is still Dao Yuan’s try at getting Mao Mao to take him back. After watching a stage show that Dao Yuan has gone through a lot of effort to arrange, Mao Mao’s attitude starts to soften. At the end of the show, Dao Yuan shows up to ask Mao Mao to take him back again. Facing Dao Yuan, Mao Mao finally asks the question that has been bothering her “How can I trust that you won’t abandon me again?” To answer Mao Mao’s question, Dao Yuan takes out a ring and proposes to her. There was a brief moment when everyone thought Mao Mao is actually going to refuse Dao Yuan’s proposal, but she eventually gives in to her heart and lets him put the ring on her.

We go through a time jump to see how everyone is doing. Qi Feng and Yi Fen’s company is very successful with their app development. Dao Yuan is still going strong as the president of his company. Mao Mao’s career has also taken off and she has been promoted to a director. Ming Xian is operating her B& B but still takes time to drive her taxi sometimes. Pin Yao is doing well at his father’s company and takes time out to help Ming Xian with her B&B. Ming Xian is now a professor and has even managed to get her boxing boyfriend a job at her school teaching boxing.

During one morning where everyone gathered at Ming Xian’s for breakfast, Mao Mao announces the happy news that she is pregnant which makes Qi Feng looks at Yi Fen pitifully “I want to be a dad too!”

Qi Feng proposes to Yi Fen in time to hold a double wedding with Mao Mao and Dao Yuan.

Qi Feng and Dao Yuan finally marries their girl! Ming Xian and Hao Mei catches the brides’ bouquet and it looks like they will be the next two to hold their weddings together.

Anyone still reading this?? I didn’t start this show with high hopes which is probably why I was able to watch this show to the end. The show wasn’t bad… but it wasn’t good either. All in all, Aim High had one message – chase your dream and the show wasn’t afraid to hammer it to death. I really wished the show was maybe five episode shorter. I think that could’ve made the story more interesting.

I also feel a bit bad for Lego Lee (Dao Yuan). He was really popular from doing his last drama In A Good Way and I am sure many people had high hopes for his next drama but I don’t think Aim High lived up to its potential. Anyhow, a big thanks to you guys who stuck with me through this!


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