Drama: In Still Green Days (aka.Through the Lush -K-Daily)
Synopsis: Greed, birth secrets, messy relationships and lastly the rise of a heroine who’s fate seems to be stacked against her… so everything you want in a K-daily.

The story starts with the successful and rich man, Chairman Lee `of a small local mining town whose wife and mistress are both pregnant at the same time. Causing chaos in the Lee family until they agreed to let her move in, Mistress Jeong is still not satisfied. Determined to let her daughter live the good life, Mistress Jeong secretly switches her own baby girl with Madam Choi’s (the wife’s) baby.

Mistress Jeong had hoped that she would be able to birth a boy for the chairman but unfortunately for her Madam Choi ended up being the one keep having babies when Mistress Jeong’s womb remained fruitless.

Her daughter’s existence becomes all her hope, Mistress Jeong fawns over Mi Jung (Madam Choi’s daughter, but really Mistress Jeong’s) but ignores Yeong Hee who everyone thought was her own daughter. Through out Yeong Hee’s childhood, she always knew that her mother is willing to take anything from her if it would make Mi Jung happy.

When Chairman Lee’s business falls in trouble due to some government official’s greed, Mistress Jeong tricks Chairman Lee into turning over his assets to her. Selling off all of the assets cheaply, Mistress Jeong steals Mi Jung (her real daughter) away and leaves Yeong Hee behind.

Stunned by his mistress’s betrayal, Chairman Lee falls into the river while drunk and dies. Despite being a good woman who has always treated Yeong Hee¬†kindly, Madam Choi couldn’t help herself but transfer all her resentment towards Mistress Jeong unto Yeong Hee.

Feeling responsible for what her mother did, Yeong Hee grows up doing all the household chores in the house after the Lee family falls into poverty due to Chairman Lee’s death. Yeong Hee decides to move to Seoul to work as a maid when the Lee family is too poor to even pay for the children’s tuition. While working at the Seo family as a lowly maid, Yeong Hee finally meets our hero In Ho, Seo family’s only son.

A polite and conscientious collage boy, In Ho is impressed right away when his first encounter with Yeong Hee was when she gave her own umbrella away to an elderly grandma. After the necessary accidental shower encounter between our two leads, In Ho is even more taken with Yeong Hee and tries do his best to make her life at the Seo family a good one.

While In Ho is able to see past Yeong Hee’s lowly status as a maid, everyone else is not so nice as him, especially Jang Eun Ah (the grown up Mi Jung, so Yeong Hee’s half sister) who has long harbored a crush on In Ho.

Dismayed and angered by In Ho’s obvious differential attitude towards a maid, Eun Ah causally mentions Yeong Hee’s name to her mother, Mistress Jeong who is now a wife to a chairman of a successful company.

Unhinged to know that Yeong Hee is so close by and all her lovely status could disappear easily if her past is known, Mistress Jeong is determined to get rid of Yeong Hee.

Already suspicious of Yeong Hee seducing her son, Madam Seo’s anger towards Yeong Hee is fired up even more when Mistress Jeong fans her suspicion, hoping that Madam Seo would get rid of Yeong Hee for her.

First Impression

I will just warn you first that this show takes quite a while to set up. Albeit the set up portion is an easy watch but one can’t help but feel “okay, next episode…. we’ll get to the story right?!” In fact I think we are still in the set up portion of the story, but hey at least the hero is out.

This story does use a lot of makjang elements but I do think the writer uses them well. Our heroine is your typical candy type but she is not the annoyingly cheerful kind, just a girl who wants to protect those she loves no matter what life gives her.

I also like the chemistry between the two leads who really look great together (the two on the left). Like I said, I think we are at the end of the set up portion so I am hoping the story will be even more engaging once the kids move out to the real world and deals with one another as adults.


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