Korean Drama: Blood (블러드)
Aired: Feb 2015
Total Episodes: 20

Synopsis: A vampire who is in a battle to save the world and himself from another group of vampire who are determined to use the hero to realize their evil goal.

Quick Summary of Episode 1 & 2

In a world where vampire are created when they are infected by an ancient virus, our hero Park Ji Sung is a natural born vampire – meaning he was born to two vampire parents.

Determined to bring a new world of powerful vampires (or something like that…), the big baddie kills Ji Sung’s father sending his mother into hiding with him. Growing up isolated, Ji Sung longs to be a normal human being, but his thirst for blood forces him to admit that he is just not normal.

A teenage Ji Sung saves our teenage heroine, Yoo Ri Ta in a forest from wolves. The wolves were sent by the Big Bad to test Ji Sung’s ability. Satisfied with what they saw, the vampires gives Ji Sung’s mom a lethal serum right before his eyes. Ji Sung manages to carry his mom to safety but Mama Park dies anyway.

Years later: A genius doctor who has even volunteered in war torn countries, Ji Sung comes back to Korea after he tracks the big bad to one particular hospital – the very one Ri Ta works at.

As the youngest person to ever graduate from medical school, Ri Ta is quite proud of herself and is immediately at odds with the brand new hot shot who seems to outshine her in every aspect. With his superhuman speed and precision at performing operations, Ji Sung is indeed attracting great attention… including the big baddie who has been leaving bread crumbs for him to follow. At the end of episode 2, the hour ends with Ji Sung walking into an emergency operation after taking a little magic pill made especially to repress his vampire side when he comes into contact with blood. However, the big bad (who has just shown up as Ji Sung’s boss) had switched Ji Sung’s pill out so the moment he sees blood his body is starting to react to it…

First Impression:

So hopeless… That’s my overall feeling after watching the first two episode. I was quite hopeful that this one would fill my void that has been left by Healer… but it’s not doing it for me so far. The story itself is not bad but I personally really struggles when the Big BAD (Ji Jin Hee’s character) shows up from the very first episode and seems to have all cards in hand that defeating him seems nigh impossible. The hero looks cool and all, but compare to Jin Hee he looks exactly what he is… a little kid playing right into the evil master mind’s hand. It does hurt that both the hero and the heroine looks way too young to be holding director level hospital positions. I realize the two leads are suppose to be child prodigy sort of people… but it just feels kind like I am watching a show about Doogie Howser. A side note, Ji Sung is suppose to be around 37 in the show but not only does he look way too young (which can be explained away by him being a vampire and all) he also acts young as well.


Now, don’t discount this show just because of my words though. If you are the type that likes a good villain in your story, then Jin Hee might just be your thing. I am just the type that likes shows where I am drooling over the hero instead of thinking Jin Hee! You look so awesome! Why do you have to be evil?!!


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