Taiwanese Drama: To The Dearest Intruder (致,第三者)
Total Episode: 20
Aired: August 2015

Synopsis:  Happy to finally be meeting her best friend again after ten years, our heroine Jia An (Amber An)  has no clue that her BFF is actually the one that her husband loves all these years. In fact, the only reason that the BFF left was because she knew Jia An liked the husband… so in the end who is really the intruder? Sounds really messy doesn’t it? 
First Impression:
Yap, it was as painful as I thought it would be. The rest of this post will contain spoilers for episode one so just be warned.
The opening of episode one was rather shocking where our hero was gunned down by a thug who was trying to rob him of a diamond ring he has bought to propose to his … um… wife’s best friend? The shocking scene ends with the hero’s wife AND her probably soon to be ex-BFF rushing toward him. Shamelessly leaving us with that huge cliff hanger, the show does a backward time jump to show us how the three leads’ messy relationship started.
No fear of the hero dying though, since he is kinda essential to the whole story. 

After the time jump, most of the background story really should hold no surprises for those that read the synopsis for To The Dearest Intruder. Our heroine, Jia An (Amber An) has been harboring a long time crush on Yan Hao, who really only sees her as a younger sister. Introducing Yan Han to her best friend Shao Qing, Jia An happily spends time with two of her favorite people in the world without a single clue that Yan Han has fallen in love with Shao Qing.

Yan Han excitedly confesses his feelings to Shao Qing but is turned down rather vehemently by Shao Qing who knows very well of how Jia An feels about him. So there you go, a messy eternal go-around with Ji An who loves Yan Han, but Yan Han loves Shao Qing, who is then turned down by Shao Qing because she loves Ji An too much to hurt her.

I was rather disappointed that Ji An’s character is reminiscent of Amber An’s character in her last drama Apple In Your Eye. Wait, I take that back. At least Amber An’s character in Apple In Your Eye was endearing but Ji An’s character in this drama is strangely… annoying for some reason. Is that like saying I find puppies annoying??

At one point in Episode one, an angry Shao Qing yells at Ji An for having no thoughts in life other than her one sided crush on Yan Han. I think that’s probably what bothers me about Ji An at this point. Ji An is so focused on her crush on Yan Han that she doesn’t seems to see anything… and that interestingly include Yan Han himself. Because how else would you explain the fact that Ji An seems to be completely clueless that Yan Han has no romantic feelings towards her or that he is obviously falling in love with her best friend. It’s like Ji An has made up her mind that Yan Han is her chosen one therefore she just keeps charging forward without even bothering to take time to figure out who he really is.

Of course that is not to say that either Yan Han and Shao Qing are without blame because if either one of them would just be honest with Ji An … well, I guess there would be no story.

Anyhow, looks like lots of angst ahead for our three leads with a lot of blame and maybe even more love for all involved. I am not really in the mood for angsty drama right now so I probably won’t be following this one but the premise is intriguing enough that I will check back in after a few weeks.


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