Despite the harsh words Xiao Liang keeps telling Mi Duo, he couldn’t help but fall deeper into despair as memories of his sweet moments with Mi Duo keep replaying in his mind.

Wen Xi tries to cheer up a depress Yi Ming by telling him that he will eventually forget Mi Duo. Unfortunately, Wen Xi’s words for some reason had the opposite affect and Yi Ming decides to move back to his hometown to wait for Mi Duo.

Rushing to Yi Ming’s house only to see him driving away, a sobbing Gao Wen cries to Director Shen that everyone has left her. Holding Gao Wen in his arm, Director Shen assures her that he will be by her side.

Back at home, Mi Duo doesn’t tell her parents the truth about Xiao Liang and even pretends to have a “sweet” phone call with him just to appease them.

Finding out from her parents that Yi Ming has also came back to their hometown, Mi Duo calls Yi Ming and tells him to go back to the city since she is just travelling around. Reminding Mi Duo of their childhood promise that he will always stay put at their home if she ever got lost, Yi Ming refuses to to leave.

Mi Duo’s game of hide and seek ends rather quickly (thankfully) when she accidentally runs into Yi Ming at their favorite eatery.

 Episode 62

Mi Duo’s totally clueless parents calls Xiao Liang personally to arrange a family meeting with his father and is shocked when Xiao Liang through gritted teeth informs them that his father is already dead thanks to his ridiculous relationship with their daughter.

Their heart hurting for their daughter once Mi Duo confesses the whole thing to them, Mi Duo’s parents tells her to just to forget Xiao Liang.

Turning his eye to the company now that he has gotten his revenge on Ye Qi, Zi Liang skillfully convinces Xue Er (by hinting that he might marry her) to start working for him to oust Xiao Liang.

Xue Er approaches Director Shen to offer him a chance to join Zi Liang’s side, but Director Shen turns Xue Er’s request down without hesitation. Undaunted, Xue Er uses her family connection with one of Tesiro’s stock holder and successfully helps Zi Liang to gain vital support among the other stock holders.

Before he was set to leave on a medical expedition, Yi Ming asks Mi Duo again to give the two of them a chance. While Mi Duo is still thinking about Yi Ming’s question, fate intervenes when Yi Ming suffers a sever accident and Mi Duo all the sudden has to consider the possibility of going through the rest of her life without Yi Ming.

In the horrifying moments when Mi Duo imagines Yi Ming coming to bid her goodbye forever, Mi Duo makes the promise to the heaven that as long as Yi Ming can wake up then she will do anything he asks.

Thankfully, Yi Ming does wake up and an overjoyed Mi Duo tells him that she is willing to put the past behind her and start anew with him. Feeling like the luckiest man in the world, Yi Ming yanks all the tubs off him in order to hold Mi Duo in his arms.

The End.

Ha, just kidding. Although I am curious how the writer is going to pair Mi Duo back up with Xiao Liang if we have established already that 1. when she is in danger the person Mi Duo thinks of is Yi Ming. 2. She can’t imagine her life without Yi Ming in it… That sure sounds like true love… unless your other true love looks like Rain. 

Drinking his way through the day, Xiao Liang doesn’t seem to care about Tesiro anymore. In fact, even the news of Zi Liang actively trying to gain support to oust him seems to hold very little interest to Xiao Liang.

In the middle of Xiao Liang’s zombie like existence, an almost car accident suddenly triggers Xiao Liang’s memory of a tearful Mi Duo telling him that she had to get plastic surgery because her face was completely destroyed due to a car accident. Looking with disbelief at the report his assistant had given him, Xiao Liang realizes he was the reason (albeit an indirect one) Mi Duo suffered an accident in the first place. Holding his father’s picture in his hand, Xiao Liang tearfully confesses “I forced myself to put all my hatred on Mi Duo but the more I do that the more pain I am in. If I tell you that I still love her… will you forgive me?”

Episode 63

Trying to drown his sorrow at a bar, Xiao Liang’s drinking is cut short when he runs into Su Fei Fei (the rich girl that liked him a few episodes back). Ignoring Fei Fei’s warning that he is in danger of losing Tesiro to Zi Liang, Xiao Liang leaves the bar only to run right into a bunch of thugs. Not wanting trouble, Xiao Liang gives the thugs all the cash on him but still ends up fighting when the thugs tries to take his wallet too.

The thugs runs away after hearing police sirens and we finally see the reason why Xiao Liang was so protective of his wallet. Touching a picture of him and Mi Duo gently, Xiao Liang breaks into heart wrenching sobs.

All of Zi Liang’s underhanded work finally pays off and he successfully replaces Xiao Liang as Tesiro’s president. Secretary Qi pleas with Xiao Liang to take his rightful position back but Xiao Liang just tells him that he no longer cares about being the president of Tesiro.

Gleefully showing off his new office (Xiao Liang’s old office) to Si Yuan, Zi Liang is surprised when instead of being happy for him Si Yuan is more worried that he is taking the company away from Xiao Liang against the expressed wish of President Xiao. In anger, Zi Liang raises his hand to slap Si Yuan but stops in time when she just stares at him with disappointment in her eyes.

Noticing Mi Duo’s preoccupation with the news of Xiao Liang losing Tesiro, Yi Ming asks Mi Duo if she would like to go back to the city to check on Xiao Liang but Mi Duo assures him that she is happy staying in their hometown.

Worried about Xiao Liang, Gao Wen pays Director Zhen a visit to try to get some information from him. Insisting that Gao Wen needs to give something in exchange for the information she wanted, Director Shen asks Gao Wen for a kiss. Storming out of Director Zhen’s office, Gao Wen swears to not ask for his help again.

Bitter that even after everything she has done Zi Liang is still planning to marry Si Yuan, Xue Er meets with Madam Xiao to once more blacken Si Yuan’s character in her eyes.

However, before Madam Xiao can figure out a way to get rid of Si Yuan for good, the reappearance of Zi Liang’s biological father becomes her biggest worry.

Despite being kicked out of Tesiro, Xiao Liang still cares about the company deeply and reluctantly agrees to become Fei Fei’s assistant when she tells him that helping her (and thus helping Tesiro gaining a valuable investing partner) is the best way to help Tesiro.

Forcing himself to socialize while he is out at a party with Fei Fei, Xiao Liang can’t help but feel like an outsider. Unable to stop himself having flash backs of how hard Mi Duo tries to fit herself into his world, Xiao Liang wonders out loud if this was how Mi Duo felt.

Xue Er warns Zi Liang about Xiao Liang and Fei Fei’s apparent partnership but Zi Liang confidently assures her that Xiao Liang is no longer a threat.

Apparently forgetting her misgivings after some sweet promises from Zi Liang, Si Yuan happily accepts his proposal.

Episode 64

Opening up the box of personal belonging his father has left him, Xiao Liang is thoughtful when his mom points to the wedding invitation President Xiao had put inside and reminds her son again how much his father had wished that he would marry Mi Duo.

Getting Secretary Qi to call Mi Duo’s mom as “a friend”, Xiao Liang is filled with dismay and shock when he hears over the speaker phone that Mi Duo is out playing with her new boyfriend Yi Ming. Secretary Qi tries to convince Xiao Liang to visit Mi Duo personally but Xiao Liang replies hat he refuses to beg for love especially now that Mi Duo has found her new happiness.

Determined to put Mi Duo behind him, Xiao Liang decides to work hard to fulfill his father’s wish by joining forces with both Director Shen and Fei Fei in a new project at Tesiro.

At first thinking she has lost all her inspiration to design jewelry, Mi Duo is elated when she ends up designing a great couple ring thanks to an idea she got from talking to Yi Ming.

Stopping Gao Wen’s van in the middle of road, Director Shen suddenly pulls Gao Wen into his arm and whispers “I am going to leave and find two people. I don’t know what this decision will do to us but I want you to know that no matter what you are to stay by me.” After saying those cryptic words, Director Shen leans in for a kiss but is stopped when Gao Wen holds up her hands over her mouth. Undaunted, Director Shen kisses Gao Wen’s hands anyway.

Dismayed to be approach by some stranger who insists to be his biological father, Zi Liang charges home to demand some answers from his mom. Agitated after talking to Xue Er, Si Yuan doesn’t notice Zi Liang’s stormy expression and tries to get him to give the company back to Xiao Liang. Furious that Si Yuan would keep siding with Xiao Liang, Zi Liang loses control when Si Yuan asks to break up again and locks her in his room.

A totally unsuspecting Xiao Liang gets an unpleasant surprise when Director Shen introduces Mi Duo as their new project’s lead designer. Xiao Liang demands Director Shen to fire Mi Duo but when Director Shen asks Xiao Liang to fire Mi Duo herself, he is unable to say anything.

Episode 65

After their respective first day back to their old jobs, Mi Duo and Yi Ming come home to talk over their day. Yi Ming confesses that he was surprised to find out that Wen Xi is leaving the hospital and feels rather guilty that it might be his fault. Mi Duo comforts Yi Ming but tells him to not be too sad or she will get jealous.

Taking her turn to tell Yi Ming how it was seeing Xiao Liang again, Mi Duo assures Yi Ming while it was somewhat awkward but everything is in the past.

Worried sick that Xiao Liang’s presence around Mi Duo might end up destroying Yi Ming’s new found happiness, Gao Wen shows up at the hospital to yell at Yi Ming for bringing Mi Duo back to the city. Seemingly not worried about Mi Duo at all, Yi Ming was more interested in Gao Wen’s relationship with Director Shen. Embarrassed, Gao Wen storms off only to meet Director Shen at the door.

Pushing Gao Wen against his car, Director Shen confesses “I have fallen in love with you.” After a slight pause, Gao Wen replies “A lot of people are in love with me.” Undaunted by Gao Wen’s rather unromantic reply to his confession, Director Shen issues a challenge that his feelings for her will outlast her feelings for Yi Ming.

Trying hard to tell himself not to get close to Mi Duo again, Xiao Liang loses his fight with himself when Mi Duo walks in to his office and hands a report to him in a rather business like manner. Chasing after Mi Duo, Xiao Liang stops dead in his tracks when he sees Yi Ming sweetly escorting Mi Duo into the car.

Episode 66

Parked outside of Mi Duo’s house, Xiao Liang couldn’t help but wince when he sees Mi Duo and Yi Ming sweetly bidding each other goodbye. Pretending that he is completely over Mi Duo, Xiao Liang asks Mi Duo to come back to work to help him get Tesiro back.

Trying to assure a jumpy Yi Ming about going back to Tesiro, Mi Duo gives a piece of paper that has the writing “I will” on it to Yi Ming and promises that he can ask her to do anything with that paper.

Despite his show of uncaring in front of Mi Duo, Xiao Liang can’t stop thinking about her even while he is having dinner with Su Fei Fei and her father.

Determined to get Mi Duo away from Xiao Liang, Fei Fei asks for Mi Duo as her assistant but Xiao Liang turns Fei Fei’s request down without hesitation. Taking Xiao Liang’s refusal as the obvious sign he is still in love with Mi Duo, Fei Fei demands that Xiao Liang marries her or she will pull her company’s support from Tesiro. Not surprisingly, Xiao Liang refuses to sell himself to save Tesiro and turns Fei Fei down yet again.

Back at the house with Yi Ming, Mi Duo tries to assure a nervous Yi Ming who simply can’t be comforted after watching her working through the night in order to help Xiao Liang. Handing Mi Duo’s note of “I will” back to her, Yi Ming asks Mi Duo to marry him. Ripping the paper up without hesitation, Mi Duo agrees to Yi Ming’s proposal.

The next morning, Xiao Liang is informed of Fei Fei’s decision to pull all investment from Tesiro. Watching a frantic Xiao Liang searching for Mi Duo, a frustrated Secretary Qi yells at Xiao Liang to snap out of it and to consider all the employees that are relying on him.

Xiao Liang apologizes to Director Shen for failing him. Instead of being angry at Xiao Liang, Director Shen simply tells him that he will put everything he has into the company to make up for the investment loss.

Calling Gao Wen out to meet with her perhaps for the last time before he becomes completely broke, Director Shen confesses to Gao Wen that he might lose the courage to chase her again if he really does lose everything. Sneering, Gao Wen replies that she is not the kind of person to care if her man is poor or rich. Hearing Gao Wen’s words, Director Shen looks up with hope that maybe Gao Wen does care for him after all. However, Gao Wen mercilessly tells Director Shen again that she doesn’t like him.

Episode 67

A dejected Director Shen walks out of the restaurant after his failed confession, only to be pleasantly surprised when he finds Gao Wen waiting for him. Overjoyed when a rather sheepish Gao Wen tells him “I guess I am rich enough to feed a poor boyfriend… you have my permission to pursue me.”, Director Shen pulls Gao Wen to him for a big hug.

Furious to find out that Zi Liang really is going to kick Xiao Liang out of Tesior again, Mi Duo charges right into a board meeting and announces that Zi Liang is not President Xiao’s biological son.

Rushing home, Zi Liang tries to get Si Yuan to leave the country with him but Si Yuan begs Zi Liang to stay and face up to all his wrong doings. At first unwilling to listen to Si Yuan, Zi Liang stops in shock when Si Yuan declares that she is pregnant and that she wants her children to be proud of their father. Moved by Si Yuan’s words, Zi Liang decides to stay and face the consequences.

With Zi Liang getting his just rewards for the wrongs he has committed, Xiao Liang is back as Tesiro’s president. Showing up at work in his full glory, things seems to be going great for Xiao Liang until Secretary Qi informs him that Mi Duo is going to marry Yi Ming.

Drinking in a bar with Yi Ming, Xiao Liang declares that he intends to get Mi Duo back. Furious, Yi Ming punches Xiao Liang and warns him to stay away from Mi Duo.

Looking at his beautiful bride, Yi Ming can’t help but notice that Mi Duo doesn’t seem to be truly happy. Yi Ming tells Mi Duo that Xiao Liang is set to leave for Korea that very day and his heart falls once more when it is obvious that Mi Duo is bothered by the news.

Walking down the aisle, Mi Duo stops in apprehension when the door opens to reveal a breathless Xiao Liang. Turning to look at Xiao Liang who syas “Mi Duo, I can’t let you marry him,” Mi Duo replies “Why is it you? I have to go find Lei Yi Ming.”

Sitting in the brides room, Mi Duo starts to cry as she reads the letter Yi Ming has left behind. Slowly recounting all the things Xiao Liang has done to hurt her and how Yi Ming was the one to patch her up, Mi Duo tells Xiao Liang “Now that he has left, we don’t deserve to be together.”

With tears flowing down his face as well, the only thing Xiao Liang can say to Mi Duo is “I am sorry.”

Unable to find Yi Ming anywhere, Mi Duo finally decides to leave the country in order to put everything behind her.

Three years later, a very successful Mi Duo comes back to Tesiro as their top jewelry designer. Mi Duo and Xiao Liang looks at each other across the room and is finally able to simply smile at each other. Seriously show? 

Not happy to see Mi Duo back in town to confuse him again, Yi Ming lies to Mi Duo that he already has a girlfriend. Showing up at the bar to call Yi Ming bluff, Mi Duo quickly dispose of Yi Ming’s so called girlfriend.

Furious that Mi Duo is going to rip his wound wide open again, a drunken Yi Ming yells at Mi Duo that he doesn’t want to hurt anymore. Undaunted, Mi Duo tells Yi Ming that she has figured her heart out and Yi Ming is the one that she has came back for. Shocked when Mi Duo plants a kiss on him, Yi Ming pulls Mi Duo to him for more kisses.

The next morning, Yi Ming wakes up with little recollection of the night before and assumed the whole thing with Mi Duo was only a dream. Still thinking Mi Duo must have come back for Xiao Liang, Yi Ming is stunned when Director Shen calls him out to tell him that Mi Duo has come back for him.

Finally assured now that Mi Duo really has chosen him, Yi Ming decides it’s time for a little pay back for how Mi Duo has put him through the wringer.

Conjuring up some girl that he is madly in love with, Yi Ming insists that Mi Duo helps him to confess to his imaginary girl. Not falling for Yi Ming’s trick at first, Mi Duo nonetheless starts to believe Yi Ming’s fibbing when he asks to take back the engagement ring he gave her three years ago so he can propose to another girl.

Standing at their special bridge, Yi Ming finally proposes to Mi Duo again and tells her that it has always been her that he loves. Calling each other’s nicknames sweetly, Mi Duo and Yi Ming embrace each other. The End.

Sigh… I will just be honest that recapping this show really got kinda painful towards the end. Using a C-drama standard, this show was in no way horrible but it just had so much potential to be so much more.

As far as the ending is concerned, I am not exactly sad that Mi Duo ended up with Yi Ming since the writer had taken a lot pains to show us that while Mi Duo can do without Xiao Liang, she simply can’t imagine her life without Yi Ming. So, no matter what kind romantic feelings Mi Duo has towards Xiao Liang, in the end Yi Ming really has to be the one she is with.  Still, why would you pay all that money for Rain to be your hero and then put another male lead in the story?? 

However, the one giant problem I have with the ending is that the writer tried to make it seem like Xiao Liang deserved to be tossed aside for how much pain he caused Mi Duo. That just seems grossly unjustified. Xiao Liang was kind to Mi Duo when he first met her, regardless of her appearance. The whole mess at the hotel where he thought she was some conniving woman was really not his fault because what was he suppose to think when he woke up in a hotel with her and he has nothing on but a bathrobe. If the situation was reversed, Mi Duo probably would’ve called the cops on him.

Now, I will have to agree that Xiao Liang really wasn’t at his best when he found out about Mi Duo’s real identity but what did Mi Duo expected when the poor guy has been telling her all along that he wants the real her without any lies. One could argue that Xiao Liang probably would’ve never fallen in love with Mi Duo if she was still fat, but we will also never find out if Yi Ming really would’ve realize he loves Mi Duo if she didn’t all the suddenly look like his dream girl.

Anyhow, overall I do think Diamond Lover had a good story structure but as a lot of viewers has reflected in their criticism on the internet, the heroine was probably the least likable character in the whole show. Mi Duo’s character was so annoying with her refusal to just tell the truth that I ended up wanting to skip over her portion and concentrate on the great second leads.

Speaking of the second leads, I do have to give the writers credit though in creating AWESOME side characters. Gao Wen is I think everyone’s favorite but I find all the other side characters interesting as well. The only problem with great side characters though is that after watching 68 episodes, the ending I really want is for everyone to just forget the heroine and find their own happiness. Oh, well, at least Gao Wen did find her own prince charming.

By the way, someone smack some sense into me the next time I naively think I can do a recap on a C-drama that airs TWO episodes per day.

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