Ignoring Jin Eon’s hopeful yet demanding declaration that he is sleeping with her that very night, a very apologetic Hae Gang tells Jin Eon that she has promised her friend’s little girl that she would go spend the night with her. Frustrated that he is pushed aside yet again, Jin Eon tells Hae Gang to renege on her promise to the little girl but Hae Gang just assures him that they would spend the night together the next day for sure.

Storming into his bedroom, a fuming Jin Eon picks up his ringing phone and turns it right off. Dejected that Jin Eon is still angry at her, Hae Gang complains as she mutters “We finally meet again after a year and he is doing this? What? He is not going to sleep with me?” Huffy as she stares at her silent phone, Hae Gang whispers “Let’s see if you sleep with me or not.”

Excited when she wakes up to see Baek Seok walking in, Lawyer Ha jumps on the opportunity to tell Baek Seok that he should stop knocking on a locked door and consider the pretty girl in front of him instead. Sneering at Lawyer Ha’s self advertisement, Baek Seok asks “Yes, you are a girl but what about the pretty part?” Disgruntled, Lawyer Ha mutters “What’s your standard of beautiful?” just as Hae Gang walks into the office. Ha! 

Trying to keep his stoic expression in place when Hae Gang shows up at his house, Jin Eon’s effort to ignore Hae Gang soon fails when she slides right up to him and pretends to read as well while holding a book upside down. Staring at Hae Gang intently, Jin Eon tries again to get Hae Gang to tell him what she has been hiding but ends up walking out of the room in frustration when Hae Gang still refuses to talk.

Walking out of Jin Eon’s room, Hae Gang gets suspicious when she sees a flustered Jin Li rushing past her. Alarmed when Hae Gang opens Jin Li’s door to find her trying desperately to wake an unconscious Tae Seok, Hae Gang urges Jin Li to take Tae Seok to the hospital. Scared that her husband would be hauled away to prison if he goes to the hospital, Jin Li yells at Hae Gang “You just want to take your revenge on me for sending you to prison! You just want to report him to the police!”

Showing up just in time to hear his sister’s revealing accusation, Jin Eon allows himself a second to process Jin Li’s words before he jumps in and takes charge.

Thanks to Jin Eon’s quick action, Tae Seok is rushed to the hospital and his life is saved.

Leaving Jin Li to watch over Tae Seok, Jin Eon turns his attention on Hae Gang and demands some answers from her. Knowing that there are no way to hide the truth anymore, Hae Gang tells Jin Eon about President Choi of “betrayal” and how she found out later that it wasn’t his father but Jin Li that had framed her.

Looking up at Jin Eon who stares back at her silently with a tortured expression, Hae Gang pleads “I was afraid you would be hurt. I was scared that you would run away from me again. I pitied you. Didn’t you pitied me before? Behind my back, hiding it from me, didn’t you work as a car driver just to pay back my mother’s debt? You even got beat up by the debt collectors. It is not about trust or not relying on you. It’s because of love.” Softening as Hae Gang continues “So why could you do it and I can’t?” Jin Eon finally pulls Hae Gang into an embrace.

Her heart breaking as she realizes that there is really no way out for Tae Seok to escape justice anymore, Jin Li feeds her husband one last meal before sending him away with the police.

Leaving his sobbing wife behind, Tae Seok tells Hae Gang to let his brother know that he had turned himself in before he is wheeled away.

With all the obstacles and secrets finally cleared off, Jin Eon happily gets Hyun Woo to sign as a witness on his and Hae Gang’s marriage licence. Sheepish when Hyun Woo asks “Are you going to cry like you did during your first proposal when Hae Gang finally accepted your ring after you begged for two and half hours?” Jin Eon replies with a wink “I don’t know, maybe I’ll laugh this time.”

As it happened, Hae Gang is also planning to do her own proposing that very day but is severely disappointed when Jin Eon tells her that he has to go back to work after having dinner with her.

Ignoring Hae Gang’s VERY disappointed expression through their dinner, Jin Eon cheerfully plants a a goodbye kiss before he leaves for his “all night work meeting.” Grumpily bidding Jin Eon goodbye, any thought of her disappointment quickly fled from Hae Gang’s mind when the simple goodbye kiss turns passionate.

Pulling away just when Hae Gang completely loses herself in the passionate kiss, Jin Eon complains “Let’s stop here. If you keep being like this then it will make it really hard for me! You are driving me crazy! Tomorrow okay, tomorrow.”

Smiling to himself as he leaves the poor speechless Hae Gang alone in her house, Jin Eon doesn’t leave for his “work meeting” but instead sits in his car waiting for Hae Gang to get ready for bed. So mean! But I guess this is his pay back for the frustration he suffered the night before. 

Lost in thought as she is blowing dry her hair, Hae Gang looks up with surprise when Jin Eon suddenly shows up behind her. Laughing together when they realize that both of them had bought rings, Hae Gang and Jin Eon takes turn putting the rings on each other. Since Hae Gang already have her old wedding ring, Jin Eon puts the new ring on her other hand.

Our two leads finally get the “sleeping together” they have been planning on for so long. 

Unable to suppress his melancholy when Hyun Woo shows up with a sack of beer to announce Jin Eon’s intention to propose to Hae Gang that night, Baek Seok silently drowns his last bit of sorrow with alcohol.

Hauling a drunk Baek Seok home by herself, Lawyer Ha listens as Baek Seok yells out his last goodbye to Hae Gang. Determined to stick to Baek Seok during his hour of need, Lawyer Ha plops herself down right next to Baek Seok. Turning his head to look at Lawyer Ha who not only refuses to leave but has convinced him to let her lay her head on his arms, Baek Seok finally breaks into a smile.

Waking up together the next morning, life seems blissful as our two leads sit down to breakfast and promise to never fight again…that is until they start to argue a few moments later.

Huffy that Hae Gang would want to go work with her “lighthouse”, Jin Eon asks “That’s fine! Then I can go find a my lighthouse. I could go live in that girlfriend’s house for four years. Oh! I should just make her my secretary!” Getting angry herself, Hae Gang fires back “Who was the one that went on a four year study abroad with some other woman? Who was the one that was whistling happily while he piggybacked some other woman.” Waning visibly, Jin Eon mutters “Why are you bringing that up…”

Fortunately just as quickly as the fight started our two leads are soon making up…and making out.

Inviting himself along to Hae Gang’s date with his mother, Jin Eon fumes when he sees both women swooning over the actor on the screen. Muttering under his breath as he looks at a blushing Hae Gang staring at the movie screen, an insulted Jin Eon has not choice but stop his jealous whispering when his own mother turns around to shush him.

Walking out of the movie, Jin Eon is sent on a drink run but pauses when he hears Seol Ri’s familiar voice. Turning around as he looks at the eager young man who is obviously head over the heels with Seol Ri, Jin Eon smiles to himself.

Mildly surprised when she runs into Seol Ri at the women’s bathroom, Hae Gang smiles as she and Seol Ri greet one another. The past animosity no longer between them, both women part with gladness as they each wish the other the best.

Seol Ri’s eyes does search for Jin Eon when she stepped out of the bathroom for a few seconds but then she quickly snaps out of it and goes on her way with her date. I thought about it for a while and decided it is reasonable if not simply human nature that even if Seol Ri has moved on she would have a hard time stopping herself from looking around knowing Jin Eon could be close by. 

Surprised to hear that Mama Choi is planning to move to Hae Gang’s house, Jin Li can’t stop herself from tearing up as Mama Choi says “I am worried about you. When I go to sleep at night I don’t fall asleep thinking about Jin Eon but instead it’s you that I am worried about.”

Ignoring Mama Choi’s attempt to convince her that she should put everything behind her and go live with her children overseas, Jin Li shocks Mama Choi by admitting that she wants to live with Mama Choi instead.

Visiting a much healthier looking Tae Seok in prison, Jin Li doesn’t respond as Tae Seok pleas with her to bring a divorce agreement to him so he could at least free her from a husband that will spend the rest of his life in prison. With tears in her eyes, Jin Li tells Tae Seok that even if he has never loved her but she can’t help but like how he has finally start to think of her welfare and happiness. 

Living as husband and wife…again, our two leads prove that they have learned from their failure as they not only share their joy but has learned to share their sorrow together.

While Hae Gang and Jin Eon are looking at the night sky, Hae Gang breaks down in tears and confesses to Jin Eon about how much she misses their daughter. 

Waking up with a start, Hae Gang yelps as she looks at the clock and yells at Jin Eon to hurry up since they are both running late. Getting up groggily as he listens to Hae Gang talking to Baek Seok on the phone and promising that she is leaving right away, Jin Eon offers to drive Hae Gang to work.

Dragging Hae Gang to the bench before they leave the house, Jin Eon forces Hae Gang to take the time to at least share an apple with him as their breakfast. Unable to resist Jin Eon’s open arms, Hae Gang mutters “hmm…shall we just take a moment then?” before snuggling up to him.


Final Thoughts

Yeah! What a satisfying ending. I wanted to see some childish side of our hero and boy was my wish granted! So I am a happy camper.

My only two complaints are 1. The writer could’ve given poor Hyun Woo a girl of his own since the guy has suffered so much because of Jin Eon.

2. WHY oh why didn’t the show give us a few more scenes of Yong Gi and Kyu Seok? I realize the writer needed some time to develop Baek Seok’s relationship with Lawyer Ha but they could’ve at least spare a couple scenes of Yong Gi right?? 

Still, I was pretty happy with how the writer wrapped up the secondary character’s story lines. I will admit that I am a bit bothered that in both Seol Li and Baek Seok’s case, both of them saw something in their new love interest that reminded them of their old crush. Seol Li’s young man offering his shoes to her, and Lawyer Ha picking off a piece of bread by Baek Seok’s mouth. This writer sure likes to turn something kinda gross into a romantic gesture. 

But then maybe the writer is showing Seol Li and Baek Seok that there are other people in this world that could make their heart flutter again. I guess in the end how our second leads move on is not as important as they do eventually learn to move on.

All in all, I have thoroughly enjoyed I Have A Lover. As one who usually will never forgive a character who cheats on his/her other half, this particular writer has done an impressive job at convincing me to not only give the hero a chance but also to not write off a very flawed heroine. I had thought there was no way the writer could put the two leads through enough pain to redeem themselves…turns out I was wrong because by the end I am completely content that Jin Eon and Hae Gang has gone through their individual refining fire to deserve their happy…if not occasionally bickering happy ever after.


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