A bit sheepish that she totally abandoned Jin Woo (hero) to a bunch of gangsters by himself the day before, Deok In (heroine) tries to act nonchalantly when Jin Woo shows up for work at the school. Admitting that it was kinda mean to leave him, Deok In offers up a month worth of meal tickets to her restaurant as an apology. Snatching the meal tickets from Deok In’s hand, Jin Woo slyly tells her that he wasn’t hurt at all since he was quick to tell the gangster where to find her. Dismayed, Deok In demands Jin Woo to give back the meal tickets, but Jin Woo quickly sneaks into the school. Jin Woo didn’t really tell on Deok In so he smiles when Jin Woo believes his fibbing. 

Before Deok In and Jin Woo can figure out their “feud”, a more serious matter makes them allies again. Jung Cheo, the student who is living on his own with his little brother (after his alcoholic father rans away from the gangsters in episode 2) has been accused of robbing a woman. After Jung Cheo vehemently deny robbing anyone despite his desperate need for money, Deok In decides to believe him and go on a search for the real robber.

After some tracking down the robber by “convincing” a few other man to give up his location, Deok In successfully apprehend the robber and proves the Jung Cheo’s innocence. I love the fighting machine Deok In! 

His trouble with the law solved, but Jung Cheo still faces dismissal from the school for bullying. Apologizing to the victim sincerely, Jung Cheo seems to accept his dismissal with calmness.

Fortunately for Jung Cheo, the mother of the bullied student decides to go easy on him and Jung Cheo was allowed to stay on.

Overjoyed for Jung Cheo, Jin Woo rushes to Deok In’s eatery to tell her the happy news. Unable to contain his excitement, Jin Woo throws his arm around Jin Woo.

Deok In’s happy mood over Jung Cheo’s good news was soon spoiled by Jin Hee’s appearance and self introduction “I am the woman that is going to marry Gyeong Cheol (Deok In’s husband).”

Increasingly frustrated by how unfazed Deok In seems to be by her appearance, Jin Hee decides to go for the kill “Gyeong Cheol said he doesn’t even miss your son anymore.” Deok In’s son died in a car accident, so this was obviously a very low blow and one that certainly will hurt Deok In the most. 

Sitting with Deok In on a bench together, Gyeong Cheol drives the nail home by telling her that it is only after meeting Jin Hee that he thought for the first time a woman can be cute. From Deok In and Gyeong Cheol’s conversation, it is apparent that Gyeong Cheol really has never cared for Deok In and is fed up with the burden his family is to him. Looking at his wife, Gyeong Cheol utters the line all jerks needs to say “Let’s end this. Don’t let me lose the last of my affection for you.”

Jin Woo shows up at Deok In’s eatery to use one of his many meal tickets and is rather taken back when a dazed Deok In asks “are you married?”

When Jin Woo answers in affirmative after a small hesitation (his wife has died), Deok In asks “Have you ever looked at a woman and thought she was cute?” Seeing Jin Woo’s stunned face, Deok In quickly waves her question away.

Noticing her daughter-in-law is acting strange Mama Hwang angrily calls Gyeong Cheol back home when she realizes Deok In has already found out about the affair. Unyielding even towards his mother, Jin Woo tells Mama Hwang to just pretend he died and that her son is no more

Disappointed and hurt by Gyeong Cheol’s words, Mama Hwang tells him to leave and that from that moment on he is no longer a member of the family.

I really like Mama Hwang. Unlike your usual Korean drama moms who always unconditionally support their son even when they are complete jerks, Mama Hwang remembers all the sacrifices Deok In did for her family. 

Depressed from what happened with her husband, Deok In goes out for a walk and ends up saving another one of the school bullies from getting beaten to death. You would think these school bullies would starting feeling sympathetic towards those they beat up since they themselves get beat up regularly. 

Sitting around the table with all of her in-laws and looking at Gyeong Cheol’s siblings who she practically raised, Deok In is moved to tears when she thinks what a divorce would mean.

Meeting with her husband, Deok In tells Gyeong Cheol “When our son died, I thought about just dying with him. But in the end you know what stopped me? It wasn’t thoughts of you, but it was thoughts of mother (her mother-in-law) and your siblings that stopped me from killing myself. I will not sign on the divorce paper. Why should I lose my family for you and that woman?”

Angered by Deok In’s refusal to sign the divorce paper, Gyeong Cheol storms into her eatery and slams down an envelope of money. After telling Deok In that the money is from Jin Hee, Gyeong Cheol stumps off.

In her haste to chase after Gyeong Cheol to give him back the money, Deok In slips and stabs her hand on broken glasses. Ignoring her wound, Deok In runs after her husband and gives the money back. Unwilling to take back the money, Gyeong Cheol follows Deok In back to the eatery and tells her “I can’t even stand the sound of your voice. The more my family keep reminding me that we only survived because of you the more I can’t stand your voice.” Giving her one last look, Gyeong Chol puts the money back down on the counter and leaves.

Gyeong Cheol’s words takes the fight out of Deok In and she finds herself unable to chase after him. Having witnessed the whole unpleasant exchange, Jin Woo finally finds a good time to excuse himself from the eatery but shows back up again with bandages for Deok In’s wound.

Second Impression
I really like this show! By episode four I am really not thinking of Angry Mom when I watch Make a Woman Cry anymore and the two show really feels very different at this point.

By the way, I do want to mention a plot line that I have completely ignored during my recap:

We found out already in the first two episodes that Jin Woo is actually from a chaebol family but this week we find out that Jin Woo’s relationship with his older brother has been strained ever since he saw something that makes he suspect that Jin Myeong (the older brother) didn’t save their oldest brother’s life on purpose.

Hong Ran, a top star gets angry after watching her husband
Jin Myeong looking at his sister-in-law  forlornly.

Jin Woo is confused as to why Jin Myeong would have any reason to wish their oldest brother harm, but judging from how much Jin Myeong still pines after his old crush who happens to be his sister-in-law we get a clue maybe Jin Myeong might not be without motivation after all.

The one complaint I do have with this show is the whole Kang family plot line. I don’t necessary mind watching the cat fight between Hong Ran and her sister-in-law but it just feels like a completely separate story than the one Deok In is in. I am sure the Kang family is going to be pretty important especially once our two leads start to get romantically involved but as for right now I can’t help but feel like I am watching two shows at once.

However, I am really liking the two leads interaction and find myself sucked into Deok In’s life struggles, so I will just ignore the minor irritants and keep waiting for the next episode!

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