Still speechless after Jin Eon’s sudden tears and embrace, Hae Gang sits in a coffee shop with Jin Eon and assures him that he has mistaken her for his wife.
Snorting at the ridiculousness of the situation, Jin Eon listens as Hae Gang tries to persuade him that he should just forget his ex-wife because if it was her that was what she would’ve wanted.
A side note: Jin Eon raises his eyebrow with slight surprise when Hae Gang assumed that Seol Ri must’ve been the one that told him about her amnesia. 

Baek Seok shows up at Seol Ri’s place and tells her about Yong Gi’s past of losing her fiancee and being persecuted by Cheon Nyeon Pharmaceutical. Surprised to hear of Yong Gi’s past, Seol Ri tells Baek Seok to not worry about her if he decides to take the Pudoxin case to fight against Jin Eon’s company.

Worried that his sister is planning to marry a guy who is obviously still in love with his ex-wife, Baek Seok expresses his desire for Seol Ri to have a guy who will only have eyes for her. Shaking her head, Seol Ri replies that she can’t imagine living her life without Jin Eon.

Baek Seok comes home just in time to see Jin Eon sending Hae Gang home. Not missing the longing in Jin Eon’s eyes, Baek Seok insists that Jin Eon goes home with him to meet Daddy Baek… as Seol Ri’s boyfriend.

Surprised to find out from Baek Seok that Seol Ri is apparently planning to marry him next month, Jin Eon nonetheless greets Daddy Baek calmly. In contrast to Jin Eon’s calm, Hae Gang is fuming with anger to realize that the man who had been going on and on that very morning about his ex-wife is all but married to Seol Ri.

Still concerned about Hae Gang’s missing passport, Tae Seok urgently confers with President Choi. Both men jumped with surprise when Seol Ri knocks on the door and is dismayed with the possibility that Seol Ri might’ve heard their conversation. Which she did. 

Convinced that maybe Jin Eon is onto him, Tae Seok charges into Jin Eon’s office and is even more shocked that instead of the passport he found a business card with Dok Go Yong Gi’s name on it.

Calling the number on the business card, a shaking Tae Seok hangs up the phone abruptly once he confirms that Dok Go Yong Gi has somehow gotten to know Jin Eon. Staring at the phone in complete puzzlement, Hae Gang wonders at the strange phone call.

Over beer (actually, only Baek Seok is drinking), Baek Seok yells at Jin Eon for thinking he can mess around with Hae Gang with complete disregard for Seol Ri and himself.
Baek Seok “Is it no enough that you destroyed your ex-wife already?!”

Unable to figure out how Jin Eon could possibly know of Hae Gang’s allergy to lobster, Baek Seok demands to know why Jin Eon would know that kind of information about Hae Gang. His own anger bursting out, Jin Eon replies “Because she is my wife. I don’t know about your first love Dok Go Yong Gi and I have no interest in her. But that woman next to you is not Dok Go Yong Gi, but she is my wife. Even if everyone says no and even herself denies it, but I just know. Because she is my wife! She is my wife! Since my wife doesn’t remember me… it’s a relief.”

Standing not too far away, Hae Gang watches with a mixed expression as Jin Eon walks away and a frustrated Baek Seok mutters under his breath “Crazy guy. Your wife is dead.”

Determined to plan a wedding even if her son has clearly told her that he is not going to marry anyone, Madam Choi shows up at Daddy Baek’s house to arrange for a family meeting. Briefly greeting Madam Choi, Baek Seok all the sudden remembers a past encounter when Madam Choi had proudly proclaimed her daughter-in-law to be an elite lawyer. Rushing into his room to check an old directory, Baek Seok reacts with shock and dismay when he finds Hae Gang’s picture.

Convinced of Hae Gang’s identity, Jin Eon confronts Tae Seok with his lies about Hae Gang being in China. After a moment of utter panic, Tae Seok calms himself and lies that since President Choi was concerned about the rumor that would circulate because of Hae Gang’s mysterious sudden disappearance after their divorce, President Choi had ordered him to erase all of Hae Gang’s records.

Grudgingly agreeing to go to lunch with his brother, Kyu Seok runs into Hae Gang who was at the hospital to meet with the Pudoxin victim. Realizing Hae Gang looks exactly like the concerned mother (the real Yong Gi) who has been e-mailing him, Kyu Seok mistakenly assumes Hae Gang must be using a disguise to get close to him.

Completely clueless why Kyu Seok had stopped her to chew her out for supposedly trying to get close to him to steal his research, Hae Gang doesn’t notice the stunned expression on Tae Seok’s face.

Good naturally showing up at the bar to sit with Jin Eon, Hyun Woo (Jin Eon’s friend) expresses his disbelief when Jin Eon tells him “I saw Hae Gang smile. She even sings.” In a sad voice, Jin Eon mutters “She looks happy. Hae Gang looks warm. That makes me hurt so much. That makes me so sad.” I am going to be nice here and assume that Jin Eon is hurting because he realizes how happy and warm Hae Gang could be without him. 

Fully determined to drag her son to the alter, Madam Choi complains unhappily to Seol Li that she simply can’t understand why Seol Li still hasn’t managed to capture her son’s heart. Confessing to Madam Choi about Jin Eon’s recent hang up on a woman who looks exactly like his ex-wife, Seol Li pleas with Madam Choi to bring Jin Eon’s heart back. Gleeful to hear the existence of a woman who is driving Jin Eon crazy, Jin Li (Jin Eon’s older sister) laughs “if he is having such a hard time over a look alike, he is probably going to die when he finds out his wife is gone.”

Certainly suffering plenty over Hae Gang, Jin Eon finally gives in to his desire to call her. Surprised to receive Jin Eon’s phone call just when she has been fighting with her own desire to call him, a very flustered Hae Gang quickly hangs up the phone when Jin Eon tells her “I miss you. I am missing you like crazy! I shouldn’t see you right? If I see you, I am just going to get crazier right? If I see you… I will…”

Ignoring the dial tone on his phone, Jin Eon keeps talking like Hae Gang is still on the phone “Let’s start again, Hae Gang. Let’s… start from the beginning.”

Heaving a rather complicated sigh when she sees a drunken Jin Eon waiting for her, Hae Gang catches Jin Eon in her arms as he mumbles “Hae Gang! Hae Gang! I was wrong. Hae Gang, I was wrong.”

Unable to bring herself to wake a sleeping Jin Eon when they arrives back to his house, Hae Gang quietly waits outside of her car. Jerking awake, Jin Eon breath a sigh of relief when he finds Hae Gang listening to music a short distance away.

Opening her eyes when Jin Eon takes away one of her earbuds to put it in his own ear, Hae Gang tries to get it back with the excuse that it’s time for her to leave. Stopping Hae Gang from grabbing her earbud, Jin Eon silently stands next to Hae Gang as he shares her music.

Reaching for Hae Gang’s hand, Jin Eon warps his hand around hers. Surprisingly not jerking her hand away, Hae Gang closes her eyes as she enjoys this stolen moment with Jin Eon.

Standing just around the corner, Seol Ri sees the whole exchange and an expression of fury mixed with disbelief crosses her face. Ha! This was a satisfying scene to see what goes around sure eventually comes back around. 

I Have A Lover Episode 16

Following Hae Gang home in a taxi, Seol Ri slaps a stunned Hae Gang and tearfully asserts “I will keep him. You won’t be able to take him away from me!”

Going home in a daze, Hae Gang didn’t have too much time to dwell on Seol Ri’s slap as Baek Seok suddenly starts asking her a bunch of random law questions. Puzzled why Baek Seok is asking her law questions in the middle of the night, Hae Gang doesn’t notice Baek Seok’s unease as she answers all of his questions easily.

Furiously throwing everything to the ground as she remembers the intimate moment Jin Eon shared with Hae Gang, Seol Ri vows that she is not going to be defeated so easily.

Confronting his father directly about his reason for wiping clean of Hae Gang’s record, Jin Eon becomes even more confused when President Choi asks him if he was the one who took Hae Gang’s passport. Even more disturbed to find out that Jin Eon didn’t take the passport, President Choi tells his son that one day Hae Gang’s passport and the pen he gave her just mysteriously came back to him.

Apparently deciding to play the role of an understanding wife, Seol Ri shows up at Jin Eon’s office to tell him how much she missed him but then quickly runs away to avoid the “break up talk” when Jin Eon tries to talk to her.

Unable to resist Jin Li’s suggestion that if she really wants to find Hae Gang she should go find her mother, Seol Ri shows up at Mama Do’s house. Seol Ri panics when Mama Do passes out from anger just from the sight of her. Arriving home just in time to go right into his doctor mode when he sees Mama Do unconscious, Kyu Seok impatiently tells Seol Li that Hae Gang has already passed away. Stunned, Seol Ri barely makes it out of the house before she breaks down in sobs. Is she crying out of guilt or is she crying because she knows there is no way to beat a ghost now? 

Showing up at Baek Seok’s law firm to confirm once and for all who Hae Gang really is, Tae Seok breath a big sigh of relief when the woman referring to herself as Dok Go Yong Gi doesn’t seem to recognize him at all and Baek Seok confirms that Hae Gang doesn’t remember her past.

Luck seems to be on Tae Seok’s side especially when Jin Li informs him that Madam Choi seems to have Alzheimer. Harboring deep resentment for the way her own mother died alone, Jin Li blames Madam Choi for her mother’s suffering. Convincing Tae Seok that she can easily get Madam Choi to sign over her company stock over to them when she is having her moments of confusion, Jin Li smiles as she promises Tae Seok that they would soon have full control of the company.

Determined to help the Pudoxin victim to fight against Cheon Nyeon Pharmaceutical, Hae Gang decides to do a two person demonstration with the victim. Informed by his friend Hyun Woo of Hae Gang’s demonstration in front of his company, the first thing Jin Eon worries about is the fact that Hae Gang is standing in the cold. Ignoring his suit jacket Hae Gang had just shrugged off her shoulder, Jin Eon introduces himself to the victim and promise to hear his case out.

Actually surprised once she meets with Jin Eon to realize that he honestly doesn’t seem to know anything about Pudoxin, Seol Ri is ready to leave after Jin Eon promises to start testing the problematic medication. Unwilling to just let Hae Gang leave, Jin Eon asks her to sit down and stay for a bit longer.

The sting of Seol Ri’s slap still fresh on her mind, Hae Gang tells Jin Eon that he needs to go to the hospital to get checked since he keeps having this delusion that she is his wife. Calmly, Jin Eon starts to list the moles Hae Gang  has on her body. At first a bit surprised to see that she really does have a small black dot on her left wrist just as Jin Eon claimed, Hae Gang is soon too angry to care when Jin Eon mentions that she also has a mole on her left buttock.

Seemingly unaware of how angry Hae Gang is as she proceeds to calls him a host of names for mentioning her derriere, Jin Eon’s face breaks out in a smile when Hae Gang yells “Hey! Choi Jin Eon” in exactly the same way she used to years ago. Getting even more furious to see Jin Eon smiling, Hae Gang loudly proclaims “If your wife was so precious, if you can’t forget her then why did you abandon her! Choi Jin Eon, let go now. Your wife is no more! She won’t come back to you.” Without warning, Jin Eon takes Hae Gang’s face in his hands and kisses her. After a moment of stunned silence, Hae Gang pushes Jin Eon away and slaps him.

Storming out of Jin Eon’s office, Hae Gang finally calms down somewhat when she gets a phone call from Baek Seok. Following Hae Gang to the elevator, Jin Eon is speechless as he listens to Hae Gang’s thinly veiled reference to him as an annoying punk. Finally noticing Jin Eon, Hae Gang looks at him with a complicated expression as Baek Seok tells her that he just paid his respect to Jin Eon’s ex-wife’s ashes.

Still disturbed by the kiss Jin Eon planted on her, Hae Gang drinks with Baek Seok until both of them are completely wasted.

Back in her room after her drinking binge, Hae Gang calls Jin Eon to first yell at him then to plea with him to stop getting close to her. Hae Gang falls asleep in the middle of her pleading and Jin Eon lays on the bed with his phone, treasuring a chance to just quietly listen to Hae Gang’s breathing.

Hae Gang’s nightly nightmare starts on cue, and Jin Eon cries silently as he listens to Hae Gang’s desperate whimpering. Just a thought… I wonder if Hae Gang already had these nightly nightmare before her accident. 

Shaking his head to see his son and Hae Gang holding their head in pain after their night of drinking, Daddy Baek tells Hae Gang that she should not let a great guy like Baek Seok pass her by especially since he can guarantee that his son will never hurt her. Ouch, I guess Jin Eon can’t promise that. 

The cozy atmosphere is interrupted when Seol Ri shows up to inform Daddy Baek of her upcoming wedding with Jin Eon.

Taking the chance to meet with Hae Gang privately, Seol Ri rips into Hae Gang about how ungrateful she is for cheating on Baek Seok by messing around with Jin Eon. Hae Gang sits quietly as Seol Ri yells that Hae Gang is only a a replacement to Jin Eon and calls her a bunch of names for so shamelessly shaking Jin Eon’s heart. Standing outside of the bedroom as he listens to Seol Ri’s one woman tirade, Baek Seok is frozen to the spot when he hears Hae Gang’s soft reply “I am having a hard time. It’s not him, but it’s me who is getting swayed by him.”


Sigh! Poor Baek Seok. Last week a reader brought up the question who Baek Seok really loves. Does he love the real Dok Go Yong Gi or does he love Hae Gang? That’s obviously a very complicated question. There is no question after saving Hae Gang and spending four years with her, Baek Seok mostly likely has developed feelings for Hae Gang herself. However, who is Hae Gang? The amnesia Hae Gang has shaped herself into the kind of woman Baek Seok remembers Yong Gi to be.  In another word, the Hae Gang right now is a mixture of who she truly is (ie. her interest in law) with a heavy dose of her effort to live up to Baek Seok’s expectation. I doubt Baek Seok would’ve fallen in love with Hae Gang if she hasn’t turned herself into a copy of Yong Gi.

Still, I think even if she recovers her memory, Hae Gang still won’t turn back to the cold heartless woman she was four years ago so it would be interesting to see who she becomes and if she would be someone that Baek Seok could love. Actually, this is kinda cruel but I would rather if the real Yong Gi comes back and now Baek Seok has to figure out for himself who he loves.

By the way, I am strangely cheering for the real Yong Gi to be paired up with Kyu Seok… but that one would be messy as well since Kyu Seok’s brother is the one who has been trying to kill Yong Gi.

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