Korean Drama: Ho Goo’s Love
Aired: Feb 2015
Total Episodes: 16

Synopsis: As a man who is always the friend but never the boyfriend, Ho Goo meets his high school crush again – Do Do Hee who was the goddess of his school. As a member of the national swimming team and a girl who never likes to lose, Do Hee embroils Ho Goo into her turmoil life.

Two second leads are respectively Ho Goo’s sister who looks shocking different when she is without make up and Do Hee’s ex-boyfriend who is a successful lawyer already at a young age.

For the first two episodes the plot line is fairly straight forward. Even years after high school, Do Hee still retains the goddess image in the minds of Ho Goo and his equally girl challenged friends.

By chance, Ho Goo keeps running into Do Hee and ends up taking her to the beach. Upon finding out Ho Goo has finally made it to the mecca of staying out all night, Ho Goo’s family throws a huge party of celebration.

Not disappointing the high hopes of all his family and friends, Ho Goo finally gets his very first kiss.

A triumphant Ho Goo goes home to much fanfare only to never hear from Do Hee again…

Until Ho Goo runs into a very pregnant Do Hee on a bus.

First Impression:

Kinda odd… but funny. The angst of Do Hee struggling with her unexpected pregnancy by her ex surprised me in what I thought would be a fluffy romance. However, I think the overall feel of the show would stay fairly light. I do like the fact Ho Goo’s sister is such an extreme opposite of her brother since she is all but a man eater with her ability in attracting guys and controlling the pace of her relationships. So via Ho Goo’s sister, we get a very patient explanation of the in and outs of dating much to the total confusion of Ho Goo.

As far as the first two episode goes, I am not hooked yet, but I think episode 3-4 is where the real story will begin…

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