Lately I am a bit Chinese drama heavy (it helps there are quite a few surprisingly good ones out there right now) despite my desire to add more Korean AND Japanese shows to my watch list… but I just haven’t seen a lot that are catching my attention. Any recommendations??

Someone Like You (T-Drama)
I waited until episode 6 to make my decision (I have been burned a few times by T-dramas lately… yes, I am looking at you Apple In Your Eye) but this show has successfully pulled me back and I am ready to recap this one.

The Lady & The Thief (C-Drama, Finished)
This one is definitely worth checking out… just be warned that the body count is rather high.

Fall in Love with You Again (C-Drama, New)

Choi Si Won’s new C-drama. It has a really interesting premise where the heroine is given a second chance in life by going back to her 20’s (she was in her late thirties). The heroine wants to avoid the unhappy life she had by avoiding falling in love with her husband again… but will that be so easily accomplished… especially if he looks like Si Won??

Shine or Go Crazy (K-Drama)

I haven’t quite make it past episode 1 on this one yet, BUT judging from how faithfully Mama Ninja watches this one and the great rating its getting this one looks like a good watch. I have no idea why I haven’t checked back into this one other than lately I haven’t been in the mood for a historic drama.

Kill Me, Heal Me (K-Drama)
I have gushed about this one for so many weeks in a roll, but it really is that good.

Ninja Watch List
1. Kill Me, Heal Me
2. Fall In Love With You Again (C-Drama)
3. The Lady & The Liar (C-Drama)
4. The Legendary Witch
5. Someone Like You (T-Drama)


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