Kill Me, Heal Me (Aired episode 13-14 this week.)
This show is just getting better and better. I am really glad there are six more episodes!!

Enchanting Neighbor (K-Daily Currently aired to Episode 35)

This is my current guilty pleasure… but sadly there are no subs to be found anywhere!!! Don’t start on this one if you haven’t because it is just torture to want to watch it so badly but unable to find subs for it.

What Happens to My Family (Finished this week)
This K-family drama was really well written and the writer was able to spin a very engaging story without any villains which just doesn’t usually happen in k-family dramas. It is rare to find such a gem where I was truly engaged for the whole 53 episodes.

Blood (New K-drama this week)
Synopsis: A vampire who is in a battle to save the world and himself from another group of vampire who are determined to use the hero to realize their evil goal.
I will write a first impression on this one soon.

Love Through A Millennium (New C-Drama, up to episode 4)
A Chinese remake of Korean drama Queen In Hyun’s Man. It’s still too early to tell but it looks like a rather promising remake.

Aries Woman (New T-Drama, Up to episode 2)

A top star sways between her boyfriend and the rich business man who can take her stardom to the next level. Our hero’s (the boyfriend) broken heart is comforted by another woman (the heroine) who slowly develops feelings for him.

I only watched the first episode so far and it wasn’t quite an automatic win for me but I am hoping the show will get better after a few more episodes.



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