Shine or Go Crazy (Aired Ep 7-8 this week)

I have only watched the first episode on this one so I can’t say much about it, but I figure I should mention it since Mama Ninja has been watching it pretty faithfully and she is a picky lady so this one must be pretty good. 

Ho Goo’s Love (New K-drama)
I was a bit surprised by some of the serious moments in this show, but there are plenty of comedy to go around.  I am going to need at least two more episode to make a judgement on this one.

Healer (Finished this week)

Jung Hoo ah… I will miss you!!! Great ending… could have used at least another 30 minutes but I was plenty satisfied.

Episode 19-20 Favorite Moment: HERE

New World (T-Drama, Aired Ep 5 this week.)  
This one is getting interesting! First Impression:HERE

 Someone Like You (T-Drama, Airing Episode 5 this week)
I think Episode 5 really made me decide to stick with this one. First Impression: HERE


The Lady & The Liar (C-Drama, Aired episode 19-20 today)
Still watching this one, but I am getting worried by the death count..
Episode Summary: HERE

What Happens to My Family (Airing 52-53 this week)

This one is heading to the ending but the story is going strong. Check it out if you are in the mood for a great family K-drama.
Ninja’s Watch List This Week
1. The Legendary Witch
2. What Happens to My Family
3. Kill Me, Heal Me
4. The Lady & The Liar
5. Shine or Go Crazy
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