The Four (C-Drama, Aired to Ep. 24)

I am only caught up to Episode 20 but the two leads are finally starting to have feelings for each other!! It is still kinda draggy but I find it a fairly easy watch. 

Be With You (T-Daily, Aired to Ep. 9)
This one has totally surprised me by how good it is. It is a daily, so do expect some filler plots but overall I am really enjoying this one.

 Someone Like You (T-Drama, Aired to Ep 15)
Such a pretty show… but I am trying to brace myself for the weepy melo to start any episode now.

I’m Home (J-Drama, Aired to Ep. 2)

Kimura’s new drama, so as a fan I had to check out the first episode. A well crafted drama judging by the first episode and lots of mysteries that just pulls you along.

Make a Woman Cry (K-Drama/ New)
This one was surprisingly funny despite the depressing title. There is some similarities between this show and Angry Mom but I find them different enough that I am interested enough to watch both.

First Impression: HERE

Divorce Lawyer in Love (K-Drama/ New)
I checked the first two episode out… and then totally forgot about writing a first impression post on it. But that might be a good thing since I am going to need another two episode to form an opinion on this one.
Blood (K-drama/ Just finished)
I was planning to finish this show one of these weekends … but judging from the fan reaction to the ending I don’t think I will be putting this on my watch list now.
Ku Hye Sun (the heroine in the show) commented after the show ended “Received quite a bit of criticism for the the way I interpreted my character.  I feel apologetic towards my co-workers, the production staff and actors. I am thankful to my fellow actors, directors, seniors and juniors who didn’t say anything but just continue to support me warmly. I am also truly thankful to those who liked “blood”. I didn’t think her acting was that bad at least for the first 8 episodes and if the ending was the problem I would blame the writer more than the actors. Oh, well, I just hope she will have better luck with her next show. 
Ninja’s Drama Watch List This Week
1. Make a Woman Cry
2. Falling For Innocence
3. Be With You (T-Drama)
4. Angry Mom
5. In Still Green Days (K-Daily)
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