Faced with Yu Xi’s questions Bo Yan quickly pushes all the responsibility of the reporter fiasco to Vanessa and puts on his innocent mask. Wanting to believe her boyfriend’s goodness, Yu Xi believes everything Bo Yan tells her. Concerned about the possible conflict when she and Bo Yan work with their respective bosses, Yu Xi starts to wonder if maybe she should resign from her job. Unwilling to lose his chance to use Yu Xi to gather information on Zhan Cheng, Bo Yan assures her that even if one of them had to resign it would be him not Yu Xi. Completely taken in, Yu Xi goes away believing that Bo Yan is willing to give up his hard earned job just for her.

When Yu Xi gets back home, Fei Fei is already there demanding that Yu Xi takes responsibility for what happened at the department store earlier that day, especially once she realizes Bo Yan’s relationship with her. In the middle of Yu Xi and Fei Fei’s argument, Yu Xi angrily resigns from her job and leaves.

By the time Yu Xi gets back to her town the mountain lift has already stopped. Sitting in the cold Yu Xi could only wish to the heavens that a fairy godmother would send her a pumpkin carriage to take her home. Miraculously, a lift seemingly shining in fairy lights shows up to take her home. Watching Yu Xi leaving on the lift, William asks Zhan Cheng why he didn’t just talk to Yu Xi instead of spending money to provide the most expensive lift ride in the world. Smiling, Zhan Cheng just tells William that based on Yu Xi’s personality there is no point talking to her tonight.

The next morning Vanessa shows up to give Zhan Cheng the flash drive that contains a video of Bo Yan talking to Zhan Cheng proving that he is blind. Zhan Cheng assures Vanessa that he believes her since based on Vanessa’s personality anything she started she would’ve finished. Hearing Zhan Cheng’s words, Vanessa becomes hopeful again that he might like her just a little bit. However, Zhan Cheng just stresses again that he has no feelings towards her that goes beyond friendship. Undaunted, a tearful Vanessa tells Zhan Cheng that she will wait until the day he returns her feelings.

Zhan Cheng waits with William in a park garage for Bo Yan. Not mincing words, Zhan Cheng gives Bo Yan a solid punch in the stomach and warns him from using Yu Xi for his self interest.

Dragging Yu Xi out on a tandem bike Zhan Cheng refuses to let Yu Xi help but insists on peddling by himself. When Yu Xi asks Zhan Cheng for his reason for wanting to do all the work by himself, Zhan Cheng uses the opportunity to compare his refusal to accept help while biking to Yu Xi’s insistence to take all the responsibility by resigning.

When Yu Xi is still fearful that her presence would bring trouble, Zhan Cheng starts to list all the many instances when Yu Xi puts his needs and saftey in front of herself.
Zhan Cheng “Where else would I find a nursing assistant like you? Chen Yu Xi, I need you.”

After getting yelled by Zhan Cheng for making Yu Xi resign, Fei Fei ends up going to a orphanage to play with the kids thanks to Yu An (Yu Xi’s brother) who is trying to cheer her up. After listening to her description of her feelings towards Zhan Cheng, Yu An suggests that maybe Fei Fei is confusing sibling love with romantic love. Thoughtful after hearing Yu An’s words, Fei Fei starts to wonder maybe he is right after all.

Moved by Zhan Cheng’s request for her to come back, Yu Xi drives Zhan Cheng home after dropping William off. However, Yu Xi’s car is suddenly stopped when a rude driver angrily yells at her for honking. Soon, the rude driver resorts to hitting Yu Xi while Zhan Cheng quickly gets out of the car and punches the guy. Furious, the rude driver grabs a baseball bat from his car and swings at Zhan Cheng. Seeing Zhan Cheng in danger, Yu Xi throws herself on top of him and falls unconscious after taking the hit for Zhan Cheng.

Holding Yu Xi in his arm, Zhan Cheng yells desperately “Please help! I am blind! Someone please help!”
Seriously, all these shows makes Taiwan seems like such a dangerous place… but as far as I can gather it’s not that bad. 

Sitting in the hospital waiting room nervously, all Zhan Cheng can think of is how his fiancee Luo Han died. Upon waking up and remembering how she ended up in the hospital the first thing Yu Xi did was to ignore her own well being and rush out to find Zhan Cheng.

Walking into the waiting room, Yu Xi is immediately concerned when she sees Zhan Cheng desperately trying to contain his sobbing. Relieved to see Yu Xi in front of him, Zhan Cheng holds onto her and repeats “I am sorry, I am sorry. Yu Xi.” Poor guy, he was probably really afraid that both sister would die because of him. 

Upset over being refused by Zhan Cheng … yet again, Vanessa drowns her sorrow in a bar. Bo Yan takes Vanessa back to his house after picking her up from the bar. No memory of what happened the night before, Vanessa hesitantly asks Bo Yan what happened. Carrying a tray of breakfast in his hands, Bo Yan assures Vanessa that nothing happened the night before.

William rushes to Zhan Cheng’s house to tell him the happy news that the hospital has the necessary cornea for his eye operation. Unsure if he really wants to receive the operation after refusing treatment for so long, Zhan Cheng listens as Yu Xi reminds him of her encouragement to not forget the love ones around him.

Opening the door, Zhan Cheng surprises Yu Xi by telling her that he wants to go to the hospital. Overjoyed, Yu Xi can hardly form a coherent sentence while Zhan Cheng just smiles at how happy she is.


So I have a suspicion that Bo Yan actually knew Vanessa before and maybe even has a crush on her way back then. At first I was going to peg Bo Yan as some money grabbing guy who is interested in Vanessa for her background but the way he looks at her is starting to make me wonder. Still, no matter how you look at it, the guy is still a jerk for how easily he is willing to use Yu Xi for his own ends.

While I am still not too sure if Zhan Cheng’s feeling towards Yu Xi is really all for herself, but judging by how Yu Xi can think of nothing but Zhan Cheng the moment she regain consciousness in the hospital, she at least is developing feelings for him. But then, I doubt any girl can safe guard her heart when faced with such a perfect man.


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