Taking the picture from Do Hyun, Ri On explains that he was gathering information on Cha family as a research for his next book. Highly doubtful of Ri On’s explanation, Do Hyun follows Ri On to continue their conversation alone… until Daddy Oh pops out of nowhere and twists the boys’ ears until they agreed to help with the food preparation.

Try #1 Undaunted by the ear twisting, Do Hyun and Ri On get into their super serious conversation again… I keep laughing through their serious conversation whenever my eyes strays to the towels on the boys’ head. 

until Daddy Oh jumps in to hurry them up on the onion peeling.

Try #2 With raw chicken in hand, the boys starts their conversation once more… until Daddy Oh shows up once more!

Try #3 Chopping wood this time, Do Hyun gets right up into Ri On’s face to find out if the story he told last time about a child being afraid of the basement is Ri Jin’s story. As expected, Daddy Oh shows up again to knock the two boys heads together while muttering “are you guys shooting a melo drama?”

When Do Hyun tries to draw Ri On back into their conversation Ri On quickly wags his white flag telling Do Hyun that he is reminding him of Yo Na. Ha, maybe Ri On secretly misses Yo Na? Just a little bit? 


Welcomed by Oh family brand of warmth, Do Hyun is quickly drawn into the festive mood. An already happy Do Hyun becomes even happier when a drunken Ri Jin tries to protect him from her family’s urging to drink by declaring “No one can force my man to drink!!”

After Ri Jin passes out from being too drunk, Do Hyun and Ri On has a small argument over who should carry her. Ri On won out when he pulls out the brother card and Do Hyun has no card to pull.

Despite all the fighting, Do Hyun thank Ri On for bringing him to the house so he can meet good friends. After a pause, Ri On replies “You are wrong. I am not a good friend to you… but if you are okay with a bad friend, then I can be one to you.” Awe! Oppa!!! 

In the middle of the night, Do Hyun wakes up to find Ri On sitting with Ri Jin as her dream interrupter. Do Hyun eavesdrops as Ri On turns Ri Jin’s scary story into normal images from their childhood. Laughing with her brother, Ri Jin shocks him by revealing the fact that she has never forgotten the day their parents brought her home as his new twin. (Meaning she knew all along that they are not real siblings. ps. Do Hyun didn’t hear this part.)

Before Ri On can wrap his mind around Ri Jin’s revelation, she has already jumped up to go begging for some food from Mama Oh. Ri Jin’s excitement quickly turns to embarrassment when she finds Do Hyun already sitting with Mama Oh since she remembers her very public declaration that Do Hyun is her man.

While Ri Jin was talking to Ri On, Mama Oh had sneaked Do Hyun away to get to know him better… since her daughter is obviously sweet on the boy. Enamored with Ri Jin’s picture as a little girl, Do Hyun secretly snags one for himself.

Finally finding the opportunity to get Ri Jin alone to himself, Do Hyun asks her to think of him first when she has something she wants to share and most of all, to change all their bad memories into good ones by creating new ones together. Moved by Do Hyun’s words, Ri Jin replies “I’ll do it.”

Smiling at each other, Do Hyun slowly leans in for a kiss.

The scene suddenly throws us into Do Hyun’s dream where he finds himself seeing the little girl again. Except this time Do Hyun realizes the little girl is the one that asked him to stay when he has always thought he was the one doing the asking. In the middle of his memory, Do Hyun snaps out to find himself in the basement of the Cha family wine cellar and sees a little girl who introduces her bear as Nana. Just when the little girl is about to tell him her name, Do Hyun is pulled back into his memory where both he and the girl are cowering in fear from the sudden appearance of his father. Daddy Cha says menacingly “You know who will get punished for for this.”

Horror dawns on Do Hyun as he watches himself (little Do Hyun) pleading with his father to not hurt the little girl and to just sit him instead. When Daddy Cha doesn’t seem moved, little Do Hyun throws himself over the little girl only to be ruthlessly thrown to the side.

When Madam Shin (Do Hyun’s mom) goes down to the wine cellar she is surprised to meet her furious son who tells her that instead of a victim, he has become the witness who watched her do nothing to prevent an abuse. Shaking with anger, Do Hyun tells his mom that he will find the little girl first and try to atone for his sin even if it means he has to sell Sung Jin group to do it.

Uncaring that his uncle’s family is all present, Do Hyun storms into the living room and asks Chairman Seo “Were you aware of what happened in this mansion 22 years ago?” When Chairman Seo can only look at him with fear and yells at him to stop talking but Do Hyun just ignores her and declares “I will find the truth and reveal it!”

Crazed after hearing her son’s words, Madam Shin orders her man to bring Ri Jin to her by force once she finds out that Ri Jin is the girl she has been searching for. Ri On rushes after Ri Jin when he sees her being taken but ends up losing her.

Thanks to Secretary Seo putting a tracking program in Ri Jin’s phone, Do Hyun was able to follow her right to where she is kept. However, once there Do Hyu has to fight three man off by himself. In the midst of the fight, Se Gi tries to get Do Hyun to give up and let him take care of things, but with determination Do Hyun yells that this is his fight and that he will be the one to face it. Just when Do Hyun is ready to get back into the fight after taking care of Se Gi, he is sudden hit on the head from behind. This guy has to have the strongest head for how often it gets hit. 

The impact on his head triggers Do Hyun’s memory and this time he finally sees the little girl’s face and realizes it’s Ri Jin. With that stunning revelation, all of clues start to rush at Do Hyun at once, including that little Do Hyun promised little Ri Jin that he will always visit her at 10 pm every night, and that was why Se Gi used 10 o’clock as the time he fell for her.


I love how this show can make me cry and laugh all in one episode. I don’t consider myself as someone who will easily laugh out loud, but this show has achieved that successfully episode after episode. If I have to be picky, there is just one tiny problem when the show holds a scene just a bit too long, but I am willing to overlook that since 99% of the show is so great.

So anyone else get the feeling that during the last scene Se Gi’s memories are transferring to Do Hyun’s consciousness? Does this mean that Se Gi and Do Hyun are becoming one?

By the way, I really like the sweet interactions between Do Hyun and Ri Jin. They do get jealous over various things, but at the end of the day when they are facing each other, there is just a sense of sureness and peace that says “Yap, we like each other… a lot.”


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