Question of the hour: Look at that puppy face! Can I have a puppy like that?

Apparently ignorant that they are beating their client’s son to a pulp, the men who took Do Hyun continues to beat him when he keeps getting up to go rescue Ri Jin.

While Do Hyun is fighting outside and reliving his childhood past at the same time, Ri Jin is also seeing pieces of her own past in her locked room and panics when the door opens. Ri Jin looks up to find Do Hyun stumbling in with a bloody face. Frantically asking Do Hyun how he is, Ri Jin catches Do Hyun’s limp body after he mutters “I am sorry… I am late coming to you.”

After rushing Do Hyun to the hospital, Dr. Park drags Ri Jin away from Do Hyun’s bed side to ask her questions about her own flash backs. Having always taken a rather relaxed attitude towards her lost memory, Ri Jin confesses to Dr. Park that now that she knows her memory might be tied to the reason Do Hyun developed his illness, she is ready to actively find her lost memory. Dr. Park “So in another word, you now want to find your memory to help Mr. Cha?” Sheepishly Ri Jin replies “We agreed that we will face all our trials together.”

Standing outside, Do Hyun hears Ri Jin’s conversation with Dr. Park.

Standing on the ledge of the roof top, Do Hyun holds Ri Jin’s childhood picture and cries as he thinks back to all the things Ri Jin has done for him.

Ri Jin goes back to Do Hyun’s hosptial room to find it empty. Racing to the rooftop, Ri Jin drags Do Hyun off the ledge and starts yelling “Ahn Yo Sub! Didn’t you promise me that you won’t think of dying?! If you want to die, then do it tomorrow, if you want to die tomorrow, then do it the next day.”

Watching a sobbing Ri Jin, Do Hyun tearfully tells her “I won’t die. There is something that I need to do. Because there is someone I have to protect. When I finish everything that needed to be done, there is something I want to tell that person.”

Relieved to hear Do Hyun’s words Ri Jin cries even harder and hugs Do Hyun. Wanting to put his arm around Ri Jin but unable to bring himself to, Do Hyun can only hang his arm in defeat.

Back in the hospital, Do Hyun tells Ri Jin not to recover her lost memory for his sake. Smiling brightly, Ri Jin laughs at Do Hyun for being scared and goes on about how there might be some sweet first love memory waiting to be discovered. Looking at Ri Jin’s laughing face, Do Hyun is overwhelmed with his emotion and pulls Ri Jin to her as he cries.

Kneeling in front of Ri Jin’s biological mom’s memorial plaque, Mama Oh complains to her friend for dying early and missing the beauty Ri Jin has turned out to be. Eavesdropping on Mama Oh’s words, a man calls Ki Joon’s dad to inform him that he has confirmed Ri Jin’s adoption.

Unable to deny her own feelings anymore, Chae Yeon breaks off her engagement with Ki Joon by telling him “there is someone I want to be mine now.” Throwing the engagement ring across the room, Ki Joon mutters Do Hyun’s name angrily.

Do Hyun finds out about the same time as Ri On that the one that kidnapped Ri Jin was Do Hyun’s mom. After angrily throwing Do Hyun against the wall, Ri On pleas with Do Hyun to let Ri Jin go. With tear brimming in his eyes, Do Hyun replies “Can I ask you for a favor?”

Back in Do Hyun’s house to help him pack some cloth, Ri Jin starts to have flash backs of a little boy playing with another little girl. Unfortunately, just when the little girl is about to show off her mother’s picture, Ri Jin’s flash back is interrupted by a phone call from her dad.

Sitting by her mother’s bedside, Mama Oh asks Ri Jin if she would like to know about her birth mother. Shaking her head, Ri Jin replies “Later, when I am curious.” From Ri Jin’s conversation with Ri On later on, it looks like Ri Jin shocked her mom sometime before this conversation by admitting that she knew about her adoption. 

Standing right out side of the door, in a voice over Ri On says “Please, Cha Do Hyun. Let us keep our happy home.”

Calling Madam Shin to his house, Do Hyun confronts his mom about kidnapping Ri Jin and tells her to go to U.S with him. Unwilling to give up her dream of her son taking control of Seung Jin Group, Madam Shin pleas with Do Hyun to just stay put. Telling Madam Shin about his illness, Do Hyun tells her that it’s time she realize her ambition will never be. After a moment of panic, Madam Shin quickly tells Do Hyun to keep his illness a secret from everyone. Sneering a rather sad smile, Do Hyun replies “You just told me what I need to do to help you give up your useless dream.” Giving Madam Shin a choice, Do Hyun tells her to choose between him annoucing his illness to the whole world or willingly go to U.S with him.

In a flash back we see Cha Joon Pyo, after six year of absence comes back to the Cha mansion with little Do Hyun in tow. An overjoyed Chairman Seo welcomes her son back but stutters when Joon Pyo demands why “that woman” (pointing at Seo Yeon and little Ri Jin) is in the mansion. Despite the obvious tension between the adults, little Do Hyun and Ri Jin smiles shyly at each other.

Ri On takes Ri Jin back to Do Hyun house. Seeing Ri Jin happily talking to Do Hyun, Ri On couldn’t help but think back to Do Hyun’s reply to his pleading to leave Ri Jin. In another flash we find out that Do Hyun’s request is for Ri On to give him one day, just one day to make Ri Jin happy since he has always been on the receiving end and for once he wants to be the one to give Ri Jin happiness.

Not knowing Do Hyun’s promise to Ri On, Ri Jin excitedly jumps with happiness when Do Hyun tells her that they will be going on a date tomorrow while Do Hyun’s smile back at her. Is it just me or does Do Hyun’s smile look sooooo sad! 


I seriously cried non-stop for the last 10 minutes of this show, but I guess there was just a lot of crying all around in this hour.

Poor Ri On, even though he is jealous of Do Hyun and believes that Ri Jin will only get hurt if she keeps staying with him, it is fairly obvious that Ri On’s heart is starting to feel really bad from watching Do Hyun’s suffering. Isn’t funny that sometimes romantic competitors make the best bromance?



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